Saturday, May 30, 2009

Of Chicken and Chips

Peeps! Do you remember the video of the famous Korean girl band called Nobody by Wondergirls? I posted it here some time ago but I couldn't find the link from my archive wtf. If you don't remember, it's okay because this song is so famous at the moment and I bet nobody doesn't know about this!

Here's another version from Mr Brown and it's SOOOOOO funny!

A MUST WATCH! The video's about swine flu so go and have a good laugh at it especially when you're tired from all the readings :)

Life has been alright so far but nothing great because everyone is busy with their assignments and also the upcoming finals T_T So no trips at the moment other than hanging out at the lousy malls around and treating ourselves to good food.

I really have nothing to post other than photos of boring food taken! Nothing special indeed but at least it could be considered as a proper entry... no? :p Sorry lah because I'm saving money at the moment since I'm not born rich like the rest of my friends. They have so much money to travel here and there and that's something that I'm unable to do.

No. I don't feel sorry for myself because I consider myself as very lucky as compared to many people in this world already :) If I want to travel, I shall travel at my own expense when I work in future! There's always another time~! Lol.

We had dinner at Nando's a couple of days ago because my housemates and I were lazy to cook and I vowed to try the Nando's in Australia before going back home.

Xu and Suann shared this. Approximately $25 with 2 small side dishes.

YHui and I shared this meal called Fiesta which was 1 whole chicken!!!

And also a sibeh large side dish. The cashier uncle recommended the Peri Peri chips instead of the normal ones. Our meal costs about $21. Really huge portion because YHui and I almost couldn't finish and we have to force ourselves to eat! Perfect for big eaters.

Don't really recommend what Xu and Suann ordered because they said that their portion is small and hence they are not full. Worse, it's more expensive than ours -_-

Here's what we did while waiting for our food to arrive.

YHui thinks she's in heaven.

Xu thinks she's from Konoha village.

Suann is the only normal sapien from earth. Lol!!!

Met friends over there as well! Both of them are really cute!!! ^^

Time to feast!!!!

YHui confessed that it was the first time in her life eating at Nando's so she's excited. Lol! So cute.

In conclusion, I can say that the Nando's in Australia is better than Malaysia's!!! The chicken is so tender and juicy! Even the chips are tastier.

Yesterday I just submitted 1 assignment so as usual, I gave myself a day off as a reward. Suann went to church as usual and Xu asked me to go to the city with her for a little shopping.

She bought herself eyeliner (and something else which I forgot) while I bought a box of contact lens solution. Headed over to Elizabeth arcade for our favourite Honey Milk bubble tea before accompanying Xu to have dinner at 8+.

I ordered takoyaki for myself as snack.

Karaage level 6 for Xu.

(Level 6 is the level of spiciness btw)

Welcome to Brisbane wtf. And I'll be leaving already. Double wtf.


Again I have to mention this. Brisbane is really small! When I was waiting for bus to the city, I met Yin, Catherine and friends. While eating halfway we bumped into Mashimaro and Andy. After dinner I bumped into Yasmin and her friends. Right after that I bumped into Xiao Qian and friends.

After Andy and Terence had their dinner, we went to Starbucks for yamcha before adjourned to the snooker centre and even on our way there, we saw into Sim, Timmy, Syamir and Jordan at Krispy Kreme!

Our friends are everywhere because it's Friday night! Lol~

Some photos taken at the snooker centre...


His hair seems like Goku in Dragonball -_- Or got blown by the strong wind while taking citycat. Hahahahahaha....


I was bored so I asked them to pose and to my surprise, they obliged :p

Damn, isn't it very cool!?!?!?!

Inspired by the King of Snooker drama wtf.

Another nice photo taken thanks to the wonderful photographer (me). It'll look better if I have a better camera (DSLR!) instead of a digital camera *sob*

Xu played as well but I blame myself for not taking any photos of her playing :( It just didn't cross my mind after I kept my camera back into my bag.

Out of a sudden, Andy made a wish!!!!

He wanted a guardian angel.

God: Son... your wish shall be granted!

Your angel!!!


That's why. I asked you to do more charity but you don't want to listen.

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