Thursday, May 28, 2009

This is not a Lipton nor Nestea ad

It has been such a LONG time since I last felt so happy.

For the past month I have been moody due to certain issues and was stressed out with work but right now even though the amount of workloads have doubled, I guess nothing can really affects me ever since I received the good news 2 days ago :)

Mood has been better than ever! Though I can't be as happy as I used to back then, but I believe with time, I'll be able to.

Well, received a call from CH this morning at 4am wtf. He was a little down so he called from Malaysia to chat and he asked why I'm always so cheerful and happy. I'm always laughing and optimistic ever since he got to know me back in secondary school.

I was taken aback for a moment.

He said that he has never seen me being unhappy before. That comment made me realised how much my life in Australia has changed me. How much I've changed throughout the years and how I've changed with the group of people I'm mingling with.

I think I should really revert back to my old self. But it's easier said than done with the amount of stress that I'm having now :( And I believe a person can't always stay in their comfort zone forever. Don't know what am I rambling about but well, my point is, I'm pretty happy lately ^^

Another random joke that he made was asking me to consider him as a bf and I went "Ewwwww" the moment he said that. So straight to his face I know! Hahaha... But I know he's joking because we both are too close as friends till it has passed the stage where stuff like this will NEVER happen. Never!

Please dude, don't make such joke anymore. Gross. Lol!!!!!

As promised, here are the photos of my favourite drinks!

I have SO many bottles of Lipton and Nestea until I threw away some and kept 1 flavour each to take photo. Lol. I need my daily dosage of ice tea. So I wish if my future bf wants to make me happy, he should buy me a bottle of ice tea everyday. Confirm diabetic happy until can die.

L-R: Lemon Green Tea Light, Mango, Peach, White Tea & Raspberry, Rooibos Tea & Guarana, Green Tea Mango, Honey Pear, Lemon, White Tea & Raspberry and Green Tea Apple.

I've tried all the flavours for Lipton! Now I'm attempting to try all the flavours for Nestea :p

Truth be told, I like all the flavours that I've tried so far. Maybe to me, as long as it's ice tea, I'll love it. But if I really have to pick one, my vote goes to Rooibos Tea & Guarana for Lipton. As for Nestea, Honey Pear wins hands down! But honey pear is only sold in Chinese grocery store (Yuen's) so I can't buy them whenever I like T_T

Alright I got to go back to my MSN to chat. Suddenly so many people online to chat with me at this hour -_- I was told that I reply very slowly because I'm blogging, gaming and chatting at the same time. Multitasking ni.

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