Saturday, December 08, 2012

2 Days 1 Night at Pulau Ketam

For whether you are looking for a short or even a budget trip nearby over the weekend with friends that wouldn't be too tiring for you to go to work on Monday (and make your Monday blue-r), I have a suggestion that might interest you - Pulau Ketam ;)

Personally I've been to Pulau Ketam a couple of times with my friends and family. Since I have a colleague who owns a resort/house there, she planned a short 2D1N getaway for all of us as an early Christmas trip!

Picking the girls up on an early Saturday morning was a little difficult for me as I just touched down on the night before from Brunei and I had very little sleep during my stay at Brunei and Kuching. Still, I was glad that my tiredness did not affect my mood throughout the 2 days stay. That just proved how "relaxing" the trip was hahahaha

Red wine chicken and bak kut teh at Restaurant Grandpa

Met up with the guys and organizer at her family owned Bak Kut Teh restaurant at Sunway to feed us with delicious bak kut teh and red wine chicken before starting our journey to Port Klang. Restaurant Grandpa serves really yummy red wine chicken so you guys might want to try that when you're there!

We had a fun journey from PJ to Port Klang - accompanied by 2 zebras.

The sight of Port Klang is still the same - filthy and eyesore.

Since it was a weekend, there were many people going in to Pulau Ketam! The ferry was full and we were forced to sit separately. I sat with the father of a family where he has 2 absolutely stunning daughters. Great genes wtf I also want!!!

Kenix was very unfortunate where she sat next to an Indon and he lifted up his armpit halfway through the journey hahahahahaha

Soo Yin, Jannie (the organizer), Amanda, Xiu Mim, Jaclyn and Kenix

Everyone was squinting their eyes because we were directly facing the sun when this photo was taken :p

Upon arrival, Jannie immediately brought us to her aunt's restaurant where she has pre-booked seafood lunch for us. At that time our heavy "breakfast" was yet to digest BUT how can we not eat when these dishes were presented before us??

Clockwise from top left: Fried squid, sweet and sour crab, kam heong fish, stir fry vege, kam heong lala and homemade fishball.

The seafood was absolutely fresh and we couldn't help but to gobble everything down. Let's be honest, taste wise wasn't fantastic to the extend you can't find it elsewhere other than Pulau Ketam but I do think that the seafood was fresh. And I loveeee the fish balls!

What you can do in Pulau Ketam: Eat fresh seafood.

Of course when we're in Pulau Ketam, how can we forget the famous and delicious lala jien (fried clams with eggs)? Since the stall was right in front of us, we can't help but to order a plate as "appetizer" while waiting for our seafood to be served. Don't ever miss this otherwise you'll regret yo!

What you can do in Pulau Ketam: Eat lala jien.

We took a stroll around since we have some time to spare before our boat comes.

Hahahaha spot something abnormal in this photo!

With the lovely Jannie and Xiu Mim while waiting for our boat :)

A thorn among the roses.

Group photo :)))

Everyone in jovial mood because the weather was sunny and it didn't rain!

TT20 is the place where we'll be staying!

If you do not intend to stay at the main street (place where we had lunch), you might want to consider TT20 as a getaway from the high traffic area. The downside is that you'll have to take a boat over or riding on a bicycle since it's located quite a distance away. Walking would take approximately 25 minutes.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the rainbow house that was painted by Jannie and her friends!

Rainbow House @ TT20

Cute isn't it? Before you exclaim that you want to stay at the rainbow house, think twice because.....

... rainbow house is actually a kitchen hahahaha

Our stay was located right beside the rainbow house and we were pleasantly surprised that it was very clean, decent and well furnished with all the necessities! There are 7 bedrooms in total that could fit 15pax in total (if I'm not mistaken) so it's great if you're planning to come with a bunch of friends. Ohya, only the last 3 bedrooms has air conditioners so be sure to quickly book the rooms before others did :p

Clockwise from top right: The living hall, my air-conditioned room that could fit 3 person and the guy's room that could fit 2 but has an attached toilet.

Everyone bedroom door has its own "representative" and it amuses me that mermaid was included into the sea creature category. Same goes for the crocodile hehe.

Jannie's aunt was unable to purchase seafood for our steamboat that night because someone bought all the crabs for an event in the morning so she sent us to buy our own seafood from the "market" instead. 

Another group photo with the huge crab background.

What you can do in Pulau Ketam: Take pics.

Separating fresh seafood from the sea

Cleaning the prawns diligently by locals and foreigners

What you can do in Pulau Ketam: Visit to the seafood market.

Since we can't be of any help due to the lack of knowledge, we decided to take pics instead LOL.

Yea, doing what the city people love to do...

Next up, we were given a choice to pick between fishing or batik painting as part of our activity and although I would really like to go for fishing, the rest of the girls picked the latter as they are not really the outdoor kind of person.

Frankly speaking, opt for batik painting if you're really creative and good at drawing because batik painting isn't as easy as it seems. And it takes up many hours to complete too!

Aunty melting the wax for us

First off, you have to sketch the pattern you'd like to do on a white piece of cloth with a pencil.

Everyone paying full concentration in coming out with a masterpiece.

Aunty patiently explaining the steps to us but I pretended that I understood because she was speaking in Mandarin T_T Sorry aunty!

Next up, you fill the canting with melted wax and carefully outline your drawing. Do ensure that the outline is well connected otherwise when you paint the colours on, it will smear or flow to the other parts of the cloth. Come, let this leng lui show you how...

Hi. Please look at her painting. Yes, her painting.

After you've lined your drawing, fill it with colors and you're done! Honestly, the lining part is most time consuming and difficult part of all. Since I'm not the creative kind of person, I anyhow completed my painting and was the first! 

So Jannie asked me to take pictures with her while waiting for the rest to finish theirs hahaha

Nicest painting among us. Artist - Gin. And he's a guy *ashamed*

Mugshots for producing such artworks T_T

Honestly we were all freaking embarrassed to take pic with our "masterpiece" but since Jannie insisted, we complied. Later no boat to go back to port klang wtf.

This further proves that we are a marketing and branding person. Not qualified to be a painter at all hahaha

What you can do in Pulau Ketam: Batik painting or fishing (only if you took TT20 package). Besides if you're willing to pay more, you can take a boat out for crabs or clams catching.

We started off painting at round 4+ in the evening and completed at 9pm!!! Can you freaking believe it?!?! Next time do think twice before opting for batik painting unless, of course, you are experienced or  simple good at arts.

While we were painting, aunty, Jannie and her bf were busy preparing the steamboat dinner for us :D

Amanda and I kept eyeing on the food but we weren't allowed to touch until the rest finished with their batik so both of us can only salivate while waiting and smelling the awesome soup cooked by Jannie T_T

Fresh crabs from the market earlier.

What you can do in Pulau Ketam: Fresh seafood steamboat/barbecue.

Eating steamboat on a rainy night facing the sea felt kinda special :)

We finally get to have our dinner at 9pm and all of us miraculously finished most of the food despite having only 3 guys that night hahahaha.. Even Jannie's bf, Sunny, was shocked by our appetite.

After the delicious dinner, it's time for to release the Hung Ming lantern by writing our wishes for 2013!

Oh hi!

We took turns to write down our wishes. We all very civilized one.

Initially I didn't want to write anything at all since I don't believe it'll come true plus the rest already wrote what I wanted but they insisted me to write something so I wished for a smooth sailing in 2013. 2012 has been a rough one.

By the time we were done writing down our wishes, the rain stopped.

Guess the shape of the Hung Ming lantern that Jannie bought!

It's heart shaped!! Heart shaped Hung Ming lantern! So cute right?

So much love from Jannie hehe.

Off you go~~~
Please let our wishes come true!

What you can do in Pulau Ketam: Release Hung Ming lantern (Celestial Lights). Errr.. this one you have to bring your own.

Thereafter we headed back to our house to shower. Some played mahjong while some chatted in the room till wee hour in the morning before calling it a day. 

Next morning, we woke up relatively early the next morning for breakfast and were surprised to see a "photographer" shooting Jannie in front of the rainbow house. Turns out, he was a reader of Jannie's blog and since he knew that she'll be here, he came in all the way just to shoot her omg. So dedicated.


We went to visit Jannie parent's house where her aunt is currently staying in and I can safely say that their house is one of the biggest and nicest there.

That guy in black is the photographer/blog reader.

If you are TT20's guest, they do supply you umbrellas. Of various patterns too LOL.

Drying shrimps in front of the house is a common thing the locals do.

What you can do in Pulau Ketam: Check out the activities locals do daily.

Heading towards the school for laksa!

What you can do in Pulau Ketam: Cycling. 

While we have the bicycles from Jannie's home, outsiders can actually rent it from the main street for RM5 a day to tour around the place. Oh, be sure to slap on a lot of sunscreen to avoid sunburn because it's really hot and sunny in Pulau Ketam!!

Check out this stall located right in front of the school that serves delicious laksa!

Meehoon laksa or rice laksa. Must eat with the sambal ok!

Yes, you get to choose the types of noodles that you like, otherwise you can also opt for rice laksa if you're not a noodle person. Be sure to complement this fragrant bowl of noodle with the flavorful sambal!

What you can do in Pulau Ketam: Eat yummy laksa in front of the school.

That's how sunny Pulau Ketam is. Eat also need to wear sunglasses. And I'm serious.

After the hearty breakfast, we went back to the house and played chor dai di before taking a boat back to the main street to buy some souvenirs back. Some of them bought the dried shrimp sambal back because it is very popular and simply the best here so you might want to check that out too.

What you can do in Pulau Ketam: Buy dried shrimp sambal.

It was super hot and sunny and we needed something cold to cool off so we bought the fruit ice-creams. Very nice! Mine was lychee flavor!

What you can do in Pulau Ketam: Eat local ice-creams.

The "nicer" houses in Pulau Ketam

There are a few Chinese temples that you can pay a visit to. We only walked passed this most beautiful temple in the Pulau Ketam along the main street before heading back to the port to take a boat back to TT20.

What you can do in Pulau Ketam: Visit to the Chinese temples.

While we were busy packing our luggage, Jannie was already busy in the Rainbow House to cook for us *touched*
This photo of Jannie just raised her value by leaps and bounds.

Jannie's specialty - crab meehoon.

What you can do in Pulau Ketam: Eat Jannie's delicious crab meehoon. Sorry, this one you all cannot request for hahahaha

As you can see, we are eating crabs AGAIN. Expect to eat a lot of seafood and crabs in Pulau Ketam. Just let your cholesterol drown your body wtf.

All of us enjoying the crab meehoon along with the lala jien that we tapao from the main street. Lala jien courtesy of Sunny! So nice of him! :)

While waiting for our boat to take us back to Port Klang, we spared some time to jot down our feelings and gratitude towards Jannie and her aunt for their kind hospitality.

The picture was drawn by Jack. Yes, another guy. We girls might as well just dive into the sea and drown ourselves with the faeces and urine*.

If you're interested with the activities I had throughout my 2D1N stay at Pulau Ketam and would like to give it a try with your friends, family or even colleagues, check out TT20 Facebook for contact info and the activities they are able to provide you with :)

Thanks for reading this long-winded post!

*due to the poor drainage system, every household's __ will be flushed down straight to the sea hence it's erm... very dirty. Yea, you get what I mean.