Saturday, November 17, 2012

Coca-Cola Collector's Fair 2012

Have you been to the Coca-Cola Collector's Fair 2012 happening once a year at Publika last Saturday (10.11.12)?

I have a friend who loves Coke a lot that she even named herself as Cola and since I haven't been seeing them for months, they asked me to lunch with them before we head over to check out the fair.

Upon arrival at Publika, suddenly it hits me that my colleague is a super Coca-Cola fan and I was told that he was the president of Coca-Cola Malaysian club and true enough, I saw him there - with the brightest smile I've ever seen throughout my 1 year of working with him in the same company hahahaha...

I commented that he looked very hyped and jovial and he simply replied, "I'm doing something that I really enjoy doing today". I guess his manager won't be pleased to hear that....

Cola fascinated by the variety of Coca-Cola collections on that day.

They took 6 months to plan for this fair and they even managed to secure some sponsorships from Coca-Cola company such as the unlimited flow of Coke on that day, backdrops, etc.

So you may ask - What is this fair all about?

This Collector's Fair was a chance for the Malaysian Coke lovers/fans to showcase their collections (only) or even selling them there on that day! My colleague, for instance, only wants to showcase his collections wtf.

We were obviously fascinated by all the limited edition collections, merchandises, or almost everything that were displayed on that day :D

Siok Yim, Cola and myself.

Each of us grabbed a can of the free flow Coke before leaving the place :) Thank you F&N for the free drinks! Heheee...

I bought the mini Cola-Cola 4GB thumb drive for RM20! 

And absolutely loving it! <3 p="p">

They will be heading the Penang next year so Penangites, take note!!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone! ;)

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