Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sin Kok Thye, Port Klang

On a very rare Saturday morning, my whole family (dad pre-booked us a day before) took a trip down to Port Klang which took us almost an hour due to the jam at Bukit Raja just to try out this place recommended by my dad.

If you follow my Twitter or Facebook, you'd realise that I actually travel to Klang often for food - which doesn't make sense since I live in PJ and that's quite a distance to travel. Well, reason being my dad works in Klang hence he always wanted us to try out the few places that he likes :) 

Sin Kok Thye is a Hainanese coffee shop that has been around for many, many years and recently was featured in the newspaper! Located at the row of double-storey shophouses right before the port, facing the flyover (that was barely inches away from the 2nd floor!), the shops around are old and deserted - a place you'd never imagine that good food exists.

 Limited seating inside the coffee shop.

If you ask me, I have a thing for old style kopitiam where food and drinks are still being prepared the traditional way. It's either because I have the Hainanese blood in me or perhaps my grandpa used to run this old school kopitiam at Seremban with his friends and that's where I always lepak after school *nostalgic*

On a Saturday afternoon (close on Sunday by the way), the place was packed to the brim before we could get a table and while waiting for our food to be served, I was checking the place out before realizing that...

...we have Chinese, Malays and Indians eating together under the same roof! Isn't that awesome?? :D

 A good cup of hot coffee to kick start my day.

The rest ordered Kopi ping (iced coffee for that matter) while I opted for the hot because I believe that in order to determine if a coffee is good or not, it should be served hot. Although the coffee wasn't as "kaw" as what I could find at the kopitiam in KL/PJ, it is fragrant with generous condensed milk at the bottom so I'm glad that I actually ordered it in hot :) It will go very well with some kaya and butter toast I swear!

Hainanese Chicken Chop in tomato sauce (RM7.50)

Dad loves their chicken chop and highly recommended this but after surveying online, I got to know that they also serve Hainanese Fish Chop and Lamb Chop in black pepper sauce too!

Now down to the taste - I can't help but to rave about the potatoes! I don't know if it's pan fried or roasted but it's freaking nice and soft! The chicken chop might seems to be "swimming" in sauce and doesn't look appetizing at first glance but rest assured that the sauce complements the chicken well and we managed to clear the plate up within minutes!

Plain toast.

In order not to waste the generous amount of sauce given, dad ordered a plate of plain toast for us to dip into the sauce ala the typical Hainanese way hahahaha... Hainanese likes to eat bread ok! 

Hailam meehoon. 

Dad also ordered Hailam meehoon for us to try and honestly, nothing to shout about. According to dad, their Hailam mee isn't tasty at all (also because I don't take yellow noodles) and he thinks meehoon was considered as "okay" for us to eat.

Wah, if this is merely "okay", I cannot imagine how the noodles will taste like!!!

Fried keow teow.

Not sure if it's called Hailam fried keow teow or not but at least this is better than the meehoon! I find it quite nice actually :)

All in all, I find the food here satisfying with authentic Hainanese taste so I really wouldn't mind traveling back here again for the chicken chop (ohhh the potatoessss!), bread and coffee provided I'm not the one driving.

Check this place out if you happen to be nearby or before going in to Pulau Ketam wtf.

Sin Kok Thye Coffee Shop (pork free)
23, Jalan Kem,
Port Klang, Selangor
Opens from 6.30am to 6pm
Closed on Sundays.

To get there, if the port is right in front of you and you see the flyover built very closely to the row of old shophouses, take a left turn and you should be able to see Sin Kok Thye on your left. It's also facing the old Chinese temple across the road. 

Happy nomming!

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