Sunday, September 09, 2012

Media Prima Raya Open House 2012

Since now is still Raya, I thought this entry should cut queue to be posted up first!

Media Prima had this Raya Open House last Thursday at Sime Darby Convention Centre. As usual, my company will be invited and at first I thought of giving this a pass due to my heavy workload lately but after much persuasion from my colleagues, I decided to join in the fun with them :)

We were supposed to leave the office early at 4.30pm but since everyone was very busy with work, we left at about 5.10pm (with me leading the way to SBCC) and the jam was already bad :( And I was running low on petrol =x

However, luck was on my side because I found a parking by the roadside the moment I arrive! :D

Once I was joined by the rest of my colleagues, we took a group photo and were led into the hall by the exec who handles our account and man, it's freaking packed!

Look at the crowd!

The standard Raya performances throughout the evening

My colleagues asked if I've spotted any hunks that night and we all agreed that even if there is, we couldn't tell if they are Malay or Chinese as most people were in traditional Malay costumes. But I spotted handsome Malays that night! :D

Servings for 4 girls

Yes I'm not kidding. We were famished so we immediately went to grab some food and came back with these hahahaha

And oh yes, we managed to finish it all.

The beautiful Kenix and Amanda

Soo Yin, myself, Jolyn and Karen

Our 3 beautiful Management Trainees ^^

The ever sexy and funny SS, Kenix and banana hahahaha

Our company's A&P team!

After a hearty meal, I demanded everyone to have a photo taken with "our" newspaper front page cutout.

Look ma! I'm on Berita Harian front page hahahahaha

Here's the page. 
And I looked like I'm about to give birth FML.

The baju kurung gang

The representatives from my company :) 

Dodol as door gift

Apparently many local celebrities came but I can't identify any of them. I have to admit that I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to our local celebrities so who knows a celebrity actually stood beside me while ordering our rojak and I didn't know wtf. Overall it was quite a fun event even though it was very packed and we weren't being attended as much as I would have expected but at least the yummy food make up to it. WE ARE ALL A GLUTTON! :p

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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