Friday, August 24, 2012

Events Attended for the First Half of the Year!

Finally an update after 5 months of hiatus!

If I have to provide a good reason for the lack of update, I would say that my life is far more exciting than staying behind the keyboard :p Life has been treating me well with many events and outings that I'm unable to blog them all!

So many places, food and activities that I want to share with you guys but I've been really, really busy with work as well as personal life but starting from today, I promise that I'll try my very best to update whenever I could without compromising on the quality of each post/review.

Here's a quick update on the events I've been to lately before I hit the sack.

CLEO 50 Most Eligible Bachelors 2012

Invitation card and goodie bag (not impressed at all with their goodie bag!).

Was invited to the event above as a VIP. Yes, please be very jealous.

Dress Code: Sexy Sporty

Seriously, I felt damn cheated by the dress code because I was being silly to have faith in Malaysians to dress up according to the theme and ended up looking like a joker because everyone else dressed to the nines!

Next time anyhow also wear prettily to parties!! Screw the dress code!!!

Accompanied to the event by my 2 beautiful colleagues ^^

The 3 of us kept whacking on the finger food because we went there without dinner and we were famished! We felt so embarrassed because the rest of the people were so "atas" and they weren't eating at all hahahaha

I don't pretend where ever I'm at. I'm hungry, I eat.

Krabi Trip 2012

I went on this pretty last minute trip with friends to Krabi and I thought of blogging about it since the photos taken were quite pretty (if I may say so myself :p) but since it has passed for a couple of months, I'm not sure if you guys are interested to read or not.

Probably I will because I realised that all my popular entries read are my travelogue and food review :)

Nick, Kei, Cax and Jac.

He's not my bf wtf I'm still not off the market. This photo's up because I think I looked quite "chic" here hahahaha

Had quite an enjoyable time in Krabi despite the place didn't live up to my expectation. I love the sea and white sandy beaches in general so I'm not going to complain ;)

Eat and drink the way the locals did.

Ohya! Because we were so bored there, we actually went fishing omg! My first fishing experience and I caught the BIGGEST fish that day! :D

I was hiding behind that man because... because... I was afraid of live fishes FML.

The other 3 can't stop laughing at me for this because they can't believe a tough looking girl like me are afraid of small thing like this T_T

Will blog about Krabi after sorting out the hundreds of photos taken!

Jay Park Showcase in Malaysia 2012

Please be jealous again.

I got free tickets to Jay Park's showcase so I dragged my guy friend along who's into K-pop and we enjoyed ourselves although it was a short one (about 1 hour?).

All I can say is, Jay Park is pretty cute and shy in real life! ;)

Southern Visit

Due to work request, my colleague and I went down to Johor Bahru (my first time despite being a Malaysian!!!) and Malacca for a couple of days. It was an enjoyable trip despite working from day to night and it's fun to be treated like a VIP too :p

I must admit that there's nothing much we can do in JB and the malls are pretty rundown. I'm not saying this because I'm a PJ girl and I'm comparing the malls here with JB but I'm saying this in a general point of view.

My stay in Malacca was brief but fun! The local rep brought me around while my colleague provides training to our BAs and we had eally good local food - not those commercialized places with long queues that you usually see!

Would love to pay Malacca a visit again soon!

Steamboat Party

The glorious food for more than 20 pax hand washed and prepared by me alone in the kitchen after work. Hard work ok!

Ever since we had this mini primary school gathering last December, we have been pretty close to each other and we kept organizing yamcha and dinners together. A couple of months back my friend offered her bf's party house for us to throw a steamboat party, gambling and drinking.

We even went for a night swim at the pool and the guys pushed me into the pool when I was caught off guard! Forever I'll remember that moment wtf.

Despite being bullied by you guys most of the time, I still love all of you nonetheless! 

The people above are about half of those who came that day and whom I'm close to. The rest I don't bother lah! LOL!

Guardian Annual Dinner

Theme: A Touch of Orange

I know it's not peach and not orange. I don't care because I don't want to look like an orange walking around! I'm already very round wtf.

I still can't believe I was chosen to represent my brand and company with other managers!

The representatives from my company with the Guardian peeps!

My ranking's the lowest some more! Intimidated T_T

Guardian Customers' Choice Award

About a month of 2 after their annual dinner, here comes their CCA and I'm chosen to go again.

Door gift.

Guardian worked with Evian to come out with this limited edition Evian bottle. I gave it to my friend who collects Evian bottles and she's damn happy! :D

With my beautiful colleague in front of the backdrop.

HOT Magazine 200th Issue Party

The dress that got praised upon arrival. Dress got praised. Not the owner.

Event was held at Stage, K.L. and it was my first time in Stage! Quite a nice club I must say!

Overall, the event was quite fun with many local celebrities who came to support like Amber Chia, Chelsia, Liang, Kenny Sia, etc. Goodie bag given was okay - at least better than CLEO's hahahaha :p

Chilling out at Jalan Changkat.

Since the night was still young when the event ended so I brought Kenix to Jalan Changkat for a drink and people watching! Banyak angmoh hehehehe

Beauty Workshop

My very cute and funny colleague.

My brand just had an event/workshop last month and I have to admit that this event was a last minute request from my manager and it gave me sleepless nights prior to the event day. Everyday worry about the recruitment, F&B, decorations, etc.

I'm in-charged of everything about the event from A-Z!!!

I was the emcee on that day.

 I also have to do presentation and product hands on.

"Great news" was, I woke up with a fever, flu and cough and up until today, I'm still amazed at how I managed to pull through the whole event from morning till late evening under such condition.

All in all, I gained even more valuable experience through this event and I'm so glad that all participants who signed up earlier actually turned up - making this event a successful one.

Management team.

I'd also like to give a big thank you to my team who helped me through this with your unconditional support and encouragement.

Apparently after this event, we'll be having even MORE events coming up FML. Moreeee stressful days coming up! T_T

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