Saturday, March 10, 2012

Klasik Satay Station, Taman Kepong Indah

Both my dad and my eldest brother are a big fan of satay.

Last Tuesday, my dad stumbled upon a review in StarMetro about this Klasik Satay Station in Taman Kepong Indah that was apparently voted as the "No 1 Satay in Klang Valley" by Malaysia Food and Travel Bloggers. Now, that's a very big claim there.

My dad insisted to give this place a try and we ended up in Kepong a couple of hours ago for dinner.

Converting from a bungalow to restaurant, the place is clean, comfortable and the staff are courteous. It gave me a good first impression but it doesn't take long to make me change my mind.

After placing our order, we realised that our satay are still not being served after an hour! Brother and dad made a few complains to their staff (who did apologized and assured us that the satay are on its way) but we were still being left there waiting for another 30 minutes.


I don't mind traveling far for good food. I don't mind waiting for good food too but the waiting time has to be fair, no? Within that 1.5 hours, we saw many patrons decided to leave as they've lost their patience and we were probably the only jokers who waited that long for that few sticks of meat =_=

We were finally served around 9.20pm (we arrived at 7.50pm) and I was telling myself that it has to be good to make up for the time wasted. But they didn't live up to my expectation.

Chicken (RM0.70), beef (RM0.90), mutton (RM1.20).

Priced slightly higher than other satay joints where a stick is usually priced at RM0.60, is it worth the RM0.70 paid? It's really subjective.

Personally, I do think that it has more flesh in a stick compared to the famous Hj Samuri (my family's fav satay place in PJ) but taste wise, it's no different from the latter. Hj Samuri's satay are priced at RM0.60/stick so you judge.

The meat is soft with very minimal fats and it isn't that oily too. Not too bad :)

Finally, it's down to the peanut sauce.

Peanut sauce for satay.

Sadly, it's watery :(

I mean, yes, the kuah at Hj Samuri is watery too but this isn't flavorful enough to make up for it! It's an ordinary peanut sauce. That's all.

Ketupat and sambal.

To their credit, their sambal paste for the peanut sauce is spicy so it's a good news for a girl like me who loves spicy food! Ketupat is ordinary too.

At the end of the day, how do I rate this place? Will I return again for another round of their satay? Hmmm...... probably a no.

I love going to Kepong for good food and I don't even mind paying the RM1.60 toll (I live in PJ) twice because I know it'll worth my money and petrol. However, in this case, the wait was a bit too much and the satay aren't that "heavenly awesome" that I'd tell myself that I'm willing to wait beyond that 1.5 hours for it.

Here are my pros and cons of Klasik Satay Station:-

1. Looooong waiting time. Poor management.
2. My teh ais is tasteless! Like flavoured water only!!
3. Satay kuah (peanut sauce) is watery.
4. We have to refill our own bowl of kuah because the staff were too busy to attend us.
5. Ketupat is ordinary.
6. Patrons who came later than us, got served first! Management got problem??

1. Clean and spacious.
2. Friendly staff.
3. Satay is quite good and meaty.

While my dad was paying the bill, the lady apologized for the wait as they "didn't expect" the large crowd over the weekend and they'll be increasing their manpower soon to speed up their serving time. So you guys might still want to give this place a try :)

Being a marketing person who was once in F&B line, besides cleanliness and the quality of food, people are now stressing on the service a lot so do something about it. Like my case, I do think that the place is clean and the food is okay but I wouldn't want to make a second visit due to the unfavorable first visit over.

To the bloggers who voted this place as the Best Satay in Klang Valley, are you guys serious or you are just being paid?? O_O

Oh! Here's something funny that we discovered!

This is only worth RM0.35 lah! LOL!

Klasik Satay Station
Jalan 1/1A, Taman Kepong Indah,
52100 Kuala Lumpur.
Mon-Sun: 5pm-12am
Tel: 018-3288 911/ 019-3649 205
(full details can be obtained from the link of the article written)

Personally, I think the best satay I've ever eaten is the Satay Zainal Ismail that my ex-manager always order for the company events back then. I'm not sure where it's located but I have the phone number to place order :p


food^we^despise said...

should hv pointed out that someone ate the other 35 cents off that stick. they may reimburse u 35 cts.

Jaclyn [Yian] said...

I should've confronted them and demand another stick for free! Reimbursing 35cents to me is too cheap for my status LOL!