Monday, February 13, 2012

Urban Delights, Tropicana City Mall

Yet another place for you guys to check out if you trust my taste in food :)

If you have a sweet tooth for desserts like I do but you didn't want shaved ice like Snowflake or KTZ and instead, you are looking for authentic homemade tong sui at a really reasonable price without burning a hole in your pocket, then read on.

Today Florence, her bf and I paid a visit to this 3 weeks old stall called Urban Delights located right beside Tropicana City Mall's Carrefour for some sweet treats.

Urban Delights was started by these couple (both 24 years old) who met while studying in Switzerland and they shared the same passion in having their own little dessert shop and here they are - working hard in realizing their dreams. Awwww~~

Urban Delights, TCM.

Upon arrival, we bumped into Suet Mei and her bf (both my ex-classmates) and while we spent more than 3 hours there, I bumped into even more peeps from my alma mater! Whoa! Besides, I also noticed that they have pretty good turnover albeit the location and there were many angmohs patronizing to this humble little stall too!

Hahahaha angmohs love Chinese desserts! XD

Love those hanging boards :D

Other than their popular tong sui, they also have Asian and Western food on their menu too! So you might want to drop by for lunch or dinner as well ;) If you click on the photo for larger view, you'll see that the prices are really reasonable (I find it cheap leh!) for shopping mall standard.

Oh! I was told that they will be adding more variety to their menu too! Yay to all who works at TCM! :D

Tong sui and their benefits.

6 variety of tong sui boiled daily and kept warm in these slow cooker.

That's the pretty and friendly lady boss - Evon!

Can you believe that she and her bf both cooked everything on the menu by themselves everyday? Crazy or what?!?!?!

Evon told me that she prefers to have her food prepared and served by the locals instead of foreigners (not gonna mention any nationalities) so she got her relatives to help out whenever they have time to spare. Hence you can see that her stall is freaking clean lah!!

Cleanliness of a place that serves my food matters a great deal to me. Isn't that the same for everyone else too?

Now, let's talk about the tong sui.

Sea Coconut with Ginseng Roots (RM4.50).

This is what I ordered and I loved it! Level of sweetness is just nice for my taste and I love the fact that there are a lot of things to chew on such as the ginseng roots, longan, white fungus and of course, the sea coconut.

3 beans (RM3.50).

Florence ordered 3 beans and since I was seated at another table to chat with Suet Mei and her bf, I didn't get to try this but throughout the day Florence kept telling me to try this next time because it's nice and there are many beans to eat LOL!

That so to say, you pay between RM3.50-RM4.50 and you get a bowl of goodness instead of just water hahahaha wtf.

Loh han guo.

A really refreshing bowl of herbal drink! The white fungus are really soft and I like to eat the winter melon that was used to boil with this as well :D

Although I did find it a little too sweet but Florence finds it just nice. And both of us really dislike anything too sweet so you can trust us on the sweetness level. Since it was boiled with winter melon instead of sugar so I guess it's not that bad after all, right? :p

French Roast Chicken (RM15.90)

Florence and bf shared this French Roast Chicken and she can't stop praising this dish where she finds the sauce really special and both of them liked it very much.

I didn't get to try so I can't comment but damn, looking at this pic makes me really hungry at this ungodly hour! T_T

Florence also said that this is a MUST TRY dish and a couple of days ago my other friends were there and they also commented that it was good too! So it should be quite good, right? LOL!

If you are at Tropicana City Mall for a movie but are too early and have some time to spare, do drop by at Urban Delights for a taste of their tong sui! Located beside Carrefour and right next to Cup Bon (bubble tea shop) with ample space for seatings. This new eatery place belonged to Carrefour (similar to food court style) is spacious, clean, with good ventilation and not too crowded so you can tell why my friends and I are able to spend more than 3 hours there chatting :p

Now I can't wait to return with my friends to try out their other tong sui and will share again with you guys when I did :)

Go and check that place out now! Go go go!

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