Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cherating & Kuantan Road Trip: Day 3

It's the last day of our 3D2N trip and I was glad that we get to wake up a little bit later for the complimentary hotel breakfast buffet.

The breakfast was okay. Not absolutely great food with many choices to pick from but the fresh orange juice was nice. I drank like, 3 glasses of it wtf. Actually, only the orange juice was nice.

Thereafter we took a last stroll around our hotel as well as to the dirty beach to look at how choppy the sea was before heading back to our room to pack our luggage and check out.

No picture of the beach because I don't want to ruin people's holiday to Cherating during the monsoon period. Yes yes, you can thank me.

Doing what others may do when they don't have to drive hahahaha....

We are cool because we have sunglasses on hahahaha

Thank you SO much Angie for driving us around for the past few days *touched*

On the way home, we made a pitstop at Sri Jaya because Shu Yi wanted to buy her family's favorite pillow bun from Sin Tong Kok Restaurant.

Will show you the photos later.

My friends and I came across their egg tarts and was trying to guess that flavor in orange color. I guessed it was pumpkin while Angie guessed it was mango.

Can you take a wild guess???

It's carrot.

Yes, carrot egg tart my friend =A=

Angie and Siok Yim were being very adventurous by purchasing a box of egg tarts with the carrot flavor above. I was being very safe because I picked only the pandan and original egg tart flavors.

Very nice teapot and cup :)

Glorious Chinese food.

Food was much better than our dinner on the night before and most importantly, the fish's fresh! I love to eat fish but sadly, I still don't have milky skin like Siok Yim T_T

Pillow bun from Sin Tong Kok restaurant, Sri Jaya.

I have no idea why it's called pillow bun because it definitely looks like a BOLSTER to me instead! If my memory serves me right, I think they have it in 3 flavors - kaya, black sesame and peanut.

I bought all 3 to try and my fav is none other than the kaya flavor :)

Bolster Pillow bun.

It's cheap (about RM5-7??) and HUGE!

After a hearty lunch, we continued our journey to down south and stopped by again at Bentong because we really wanted to try the "famous" dessert shop - Kow Po Coffee Shop.

There's this great hype about Kow Po for being one of the famous ice cream shop in Bentong and it's a must-try whenever we are there and hence, we deliberately made a trip there again just for it because it wasn't opened when we were there on the first day of our trip.

Let's see what's the hype all about.

Ice kacang and cendol.

We ordered 2 bowls to share because we were still very full from our lunch earlier and instead of asking us what flavors we would like for our ice-creams, we were given vanilla and chocolate randomly.

After I read from the internet, apparently their durian, pandan and coconut ice creams are the popular ones!! CIS!!!

My verdict? Overrated. Again.

I admit that their ice-creams are smooth but other than that, I don't find anything great to shout about. Sincerely, I thought the ais kacang that we had on day 2 was even better wtf. Or rather, we can easily find better ice-creams in KL or PJ. Sorry people :(



Do drop by if you are at Bentong and needed something cold to cool down. Don't make a trip all the way over just for it. Save your petrol and toll.

Kow Po Coffee Shop
No 2, Bentong Heights
28700 Bentong
10am-7pm, closes on every alternate Monday
(located at the row of shop lots opposite the bus terminal)

I insisted to have a group photo because it's a norm for any trips!

Last group shot :)

Overall, the trip was fun but I must say that I'm a little disappointed by the overhyped food reviews by the bloggers about how awesomely orgasmic great the food was for all the places we went to only to find it to be just an "okay" or "good". Not to-die-for.

But Hai Peng kopitiam is a musttttt go!!!

When you are at Kuantan, you might want to try out Satay Zul because it's apparently very popular too! Satay Zul is listed in our itinerary too but we were too full to eat anymore so we decided to skip that since we can have *cough* Kajang satay *cough* in Klang Valley.

Sorry if I offended any Kuantanese readers for saying your food is "okay" and "good" because I reckon people need some honest reviews here. Blame on the food bloggers who created such high expectations on us!

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Have a great weekend ;)


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