Friday, September 16, 2011

My 24th Birthday, 2011

This entry came more than a month late but it's better to be late than never, right?

I am officially 24! FTS.

Seriously, turning 24 can be quite scary feeling because next year I'll be hitting mid-20s and in a blink of eyes I'll be in my late-20s and before I knew it, I'll be hitting 30!!! *horror*

If you are an avid follower of my blog, you'd realise that I did not blog about my 23rd birthday last year because I procrastinated and just when I decided to write it, the excitement wasn't there anymore.

Hence I forced myself to quickly write this otherwise I'll be skipping my 24th birthday entry as well and I can't because my friends put in effort in organising my bday celebrations this year! :D

11th of August falls on a Thursday and since everyone's working, I did not go out for any celebrations with friends. I pushed everything to weekends instead. Still, my family bought me a cake and sang me birthday song at home *embarrassed*

Snickers Cheesecake from 4 Cakes in a Cup.

This year my brother decided to order my birthday cake from his friend instead of getting another Tiramisu from Alexis like the year before. Besides, I got my brother a Tiramisu cake from SuChan (VERY NICE ALSO!!!) a month before mine! So no more Tiramisu!

Brother's friends bought him Butterscotch Choc Chip Cheesecake for his bday and he brought the remaining home. I tried and it's damn good!! I LOVE IT!!!

What I like about 4 Cakes in a Cup is that they use really fresh ingredients for their cakes! The nuts are soooo crunchy and I like the pieces of Snickers in between the cream cheese as a little surprise each time I took a bite :)

However, this little sinful slice isn't a healthy choice for the people who are very health conscious. Don't say I didn't warn you and screwed up your diet! LOL!

I like both Butterscotch and Snickers but if I really have to choose 1, I'd pick the former ;)

Brothers bought my favorite Chatime drinks as well since he knew that I liked it! :D

Ti Guan Yin, Pearl Milk Tea, Taiwan Plum Ice Tea and Grass Jelly Roasted Milk Tea.

I have no freaking idea why my brother bought Ti Guan Yin in the first place -_- It's TI GUAN YIN wtf.

By the way, I don't quite like the taste of Roasted Milk Tea. Taste funny and a little bitter.

On Saturday, it's my lunch date with a bunch of close uni friends!

Mun Keat, birthday girl (damn busy paiseh) and Siok Yim.

This MK spent his entire morning trying to lie to me that he wasn't invited for lunch and I didn't believe him because I caught him lying. He was then forced to change his strategy and said that I'm one of a girl who's really difficult to lie to and that person has to be really smart LMAO.

Shu Yi, Sam, Boon Leng.

(All of us in blue except for Siok Yim! Woah!!)

Lunched at Hokkaido Ichiba, The Gardens and I have a feeling it's related to Rakuzen because their menus are the same!

BUT... food at Hokkaido is a letdown. Not on par with Rakuzen at all hence I'm not going to post photos of our food.

However, there's this 1 thing that you may want to try when you're at Hokkaido...

Fruit Sampler.

I think pretty good and when it comes from a person from ex-F&B industry, you know you won't go wrong wtf.

We spent a few hours chatting and it was then I realized Shu Yi was looking really restless and annoyed after the meal. Turns out, she asked the staff to bring out the surprise birthday cake but they did not and she has to secretly ask them to do it for a couple of times (customer service failed).

I sincerely did not expect a cake because there was only the 6 of us and I didn't see them buying it beforehand. You know what? The 2 SYs (Shu Yi and Siok Yim) came early to buy my birthday cake and present and they already passed it to the staff before meeting up with me! Well planned or what???

Thank you soooo much *touched*

Still pretty much surprised by the cake presented to me!

By the way, do not leave your phone on the table (like what I did) especially when you have a jin kak cheeky friend like MK because he hijacked my phone without me knowing it and wrote "I'm so horny" on my Facebook wall and my life has changed ever since.

I didn't even know until a friend messaged me to ask me why am I horny wtf!!! (And what a stupid question to ask your friend also right?? T_T)

The next cake I want to cut is wedding cake hahahahahaha no no I'M JUST KIDDING. Really.

Orange Chocolate Cake (I think) from Lavender.

Nice! Not too sweet hence you don't feel jelak eating/finishing it. I love the truffles! :D You can find Lavender at The Gardens.

After lunch, the guys left while the ladies went for a round of coffee at Austin Chase (The Gardens) to kill time before our dinner at night.

Forgot what I had but their coffees are pretty decent :)

I read online that Austin Chase's mille crepe and tiramisu are recommended by many so I'm tempted to try them out next time when I pay them a visit!

I'm quite disappointed that when I visited them a couple of times for discussions with their managers and MD, they did not offer us a slice of cake T_T

By night time, it was dinner date with my bunch of close secondary school friends whom I went to Lang Tengah with! They are so sincere in celebrating my birthday with me this year (first time!!!) that they booked me 1 month in advance because they know that I'll be booked by many people.

Knowing that I LOVE Korean food a lot, they decided to celebrate my birthday at Daorae (Sri Hartamas)! I'm sooooo delighted!

Pair #1: Meng and Chryst.

They are not from my secondary school though.

Pair #2: Siew Ling and Kher Li.

Pair #3: Myself and Shin Shin.

I changed from my dress to a casual top and shorts because we'll be grilling meat and seated on the floor so it's important to dress something comfortable!

Pair #4: Mei Gee and Koon Wah

They were so hungry, they don't bother to pose for me *emo*

Love the variety of ban chan served to us!

I'm skipping the photos of food we had that night because, well, this is not a food post but I can assure you that food at Daorae is good and will never disappoint. Or maybe I should do a separate entry for Daorae next time!

The after-meal.

We had pretty late dinner and all of us were famished and we kinda walloped everything in a jiffy!

These 2 never stop fighting one tsk tsk. But I liked this pic! :D

Cheesecake from Australia Cake House (Sea Park, PJ).

Looks humble it's actually pretty good!!! Be sure to try out Australia Cake House at Sea Park (same row as Maybank) because I heard reviews that the cakes there are actually pretty good! I'm planning to try out their durian cake next! I bought 2 slices of the durian cake yesterday night and it's actually pretty good! Recommended to try along with the Original Cheesecake above! ;)

I'm also glad that they bought a small one because each of us got a slice and finished everything on the spot :) We walloped too many ban chan and hardly have any space left for dessert!

Birthday girl got photo bombed by Kher Li.

When it comes to the present giving part, it was really.... special.

Or I should say, I got FOOLED.


After the cake cutting session, MG casually gave me a bag (from SASA some more) and said, "There! Your birthday presents" with an evil grin. Then, I heard the rest saying, "I want to see her reaction! We should record her reaction!!!"

Turns out, it was a piece of ang ku kuih and a cup of instant Korean noodles =A=

Ang ku kuih was a nickname I received during my trip at Lang Tengah (long story but made me pretty famous there wtf) and since then I've been called ang ku kuih by almost everyone who knows the story. And I really love Korean instant noodles that's why I got the other as present.

With yellow colored ang ku kuih.

There's also a reason why the ang ku kuih must be yellow in color. Because I don't know Chinese so I got called 'banana' and they linked banana to ang ku kuih hahahaha I damn love my friend's creativity.

After the rather awkward moment, I was presented with the real present to which I'll reveal at the end of this entry so you have to continue reading *evil laughter*

They eat cake with...

... chopsticks -_-

Hahaha at least these 2 are normal a bit!

Thereafter we did a really stupid and lame experiment to test out a claim...

Mei Gee vs Koon Wah

Jaclyn vs Koon Wah

Chrystine vs Koon Wah

Kher Li vs Koon Wah


This Koon Wah stands more 190cm tall and it's damn true that NONE of us is able to touch him within his arm's length!! I can't believe that even with my height, I can't touch him too *emo*

After dinner, we adjourned to Desa Park City for some wine and beer before calling it a day. I love hanging out at DPC lately for its quiet and relaxing environment, except for the fact that I have to pay RM3.20 for the damn LDP toll!

(Sad that our group photo was taken with MG's DSLR and she still hasn't upload it to her laptop!)

The following day, it's my date with family!

Since I planned for my brother's birthday celebration, it's his turn to do the same for me. My brother reads a few food blogs and lives by the "I live to eat, not eat to live" quote so when he recommends a place for good food, you know you won't go wrong either.

Nihonkan, Jalan Ampang.

This time, he booked a table for 5 of us at Spasso Milano for lunch buffet because not only the food is good, it's really cheap too! Antipasti lunch buffet for RM18++ only!

The place has this classier Papparich outlet that's facing the pool. Love it!

The humble little restaurant with great services.

My brother named this section as 'The Hungry Ghost Corner" in conjunction to the Hungry Ghost month wtf.

This was only my starter+appetizer before my main course! For main course (there's a list given), I had fish while the rest of my family ordered spaghetti. Main course to be charged separately for about RM3.00/plate. In an Italian restaurant. MANA MAU CARI???

Small portions were served on the buffet table to ensure freshness of the food so probably the only downside of this place is that you have to wait for the dish that you want to be on the table again.

Happy family portrait.

Looking for a cheap and good Italian restaurant in town? Here are the details!

Spasso Milano
347 Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
03 4252 7088

Please call to make reservation to avoid any disappointment.

By night time, it's another celebration with another group of secondary school mates again! Initially we wanted to try out Erawan, a Thai restaurant at Kota Damansara but they were fully booked for the whole night! That's how famous they are!

Disappointed, we have to settle for the second best - another pretty good Thai restaurant at Chow Yang instead.

No photos of food because it wasn't my first time there.

My very yummy Strawberry Cake from Sun Moulin, One Utama.

If you like a cake that's light, not too rich and sweet that you can't bear yourself to finish the whole slice, this is the right cake for you.

So fluffy and soft!
I love the huge and sweet strawberries on top! ♥

Thank you so much ladies for your time and effort!

Clockwise from top left: Florence, Hui Teng, Wai Mun, myself and Wilson.

Since the night was still young on that Sunday, we went for a drink at Uptown's Papparich!

The white iPhone gang.
(Okay, Wai Mun doesn't have an iPhone. She just posed with it :p)

Xiu Yuan owns a white iPhone too!
And... yes... I'm using both BB and iPhone now... in white! :D

Calvin came to join us too!

This Calvin-san was forced to come back from Japan by his family due to the radiation and now he has to finish his remaining semester here in Malaysia. Or maybe Australia. Not too sure because my memory is "thattttt" great -_-

If you scroll up, you'll realize that Chrystine and Teng wore the SAME dress to celebrate my birthday this year! What a coincidence eh?

As for the presents that I've received, I must say that I really, really love all of it!!!

Starbucks Tumbler and Mints (Florence & Teng), Anna Sui lip gloss (Siok Yim and Shu Yi), Body Shop set and Korean noodle (the gang at Daorae).

I ♥ every single thing!!! I was actually planning to buy Starbucks tumbler myself and was soooo surprised when Florence bought it for me! I think she can read my mind wtf. Love the sweet color for the lipgloss and I'm a big fan of Body Shop's shower set so you can imagine how happy I was upon receiving all the gifts above. Including the noodle of course ;)

Thank you so so so much to all the lovely people who care to spare some time to celebrate my birthday, lunch/dinner treats and presents! Those who celebrated birthday with me but photos not taken, thank you so much to you too! ♥

Still in the mood to celebrate my birthday after a week, I brought my brother out for dinner at Tropicana City Mall.

He is the only joker who didn't treat me but instead, I treated him to dinner some more! Look at the food that we ordered hahahahaha... Crazy or what? Great to dine with guys are willing to help me clear the food on the table because I love a variety of dishes but I can't bear myself to finish them all the time :p

I hope everyone had/will have a great birthday celebration this year because I certainly did! ♥

Happy Malaysia Day! :)


Stephanie Ee said...

Cake... Then cake again... Then again CAKE... Then CAKE again....

Me got no cake this year!! Sad sei.


Happy VERY belated birthday =D

Jaclyn [Yian] said...

Hahahaha sorry my dear because this year I really got many cakes to cut and that's why I've put on weight lor! Sad sei.

This year don't have never mind! I buy for you when we meet! Or next year's bday I buy k? :D Thanks a lot darling for the wishes!