Thursday, July 28, 2011

My First Virgin Charity Run

Yeap, that's right.

I used to be a very athletic person during the schooling days but that's already the past and now I'm nothing but a white collar worker who has sold my soul to my company no time to exercise.

When I told my friends that I've joined a marathon (organised by my holding company), all they said to me was, "Don't joke lah..." T_T How motivating. Even they are not convinced that I'm able to complete the race with my current stamina.

Since this run was for charity, I decided to just go ahead because for every participants who completed the race, our main sponsor will be donating RM50 to the charity homes. I mean, WHY NOT??

The run was on last Sunday (24/7/11) and I deliberately stayed at home on Saturday night in order to have enough rest and sleep but ended up not sleeping at all because I have to freaking wake up at 4.30am! Meet up at office by 5.30am!! Crazy or not??

While waiting for the rest to arrive, I joined my other 2 Chinese colleagues for breakfast at the dim sum shop. This is what you call "true dim sum breakfast" at 5.30am okay!!! Not 9 or 10am wtf.

Ohya, even the dim sum fella don't believe me that I'm going for for marathon FML.

Nicky, Jacqueline, LY, Jaclyn, Yen.

After registering ourselves (at about 6am), we gathered to do some warm ups together before the run at 7am.

Us with Angie on far left.

I really don't mind staying up late but pleaseeee don't ask me to wake up early T_T

The very outstanding looking lady (second from right) is my MD.

I'm seriously very proud of my MD! She's 71 years old and she completed the marathon way earlier than some people!!! 71 ok!!!

The run was pretty short actually - 5km. I was surprised that I managed to even complete the run without prior preparation instead of being carried away by an ambulance halfway through wtf. A couple of us from FA were among the earliest to finish and we began to fool around, chatting and whacking all the free drinks available (coffee, isotonic & energy drinks).

I was among the earliest to arrive!!! *tears of joy*

Want to know my secret?

Jaclyn's marathon strategies:-
1. While jogging, I kept telling myself "I don't want to be the last... I don't want to be the last..."
2. Ran for my life the moment the road is going downhill. Walk when it's going uphill.
3. When uncles and aunties above the age of 40 overtook me, the kiasu-ness prevails and I anyhow also want to overtake them back to save myself some grace.

The colour of my hair is so outstanding! I love it!!

We started to take heaps of photos when almost everyone was back because there's a photography competition where the best photos will win some cash! WE WANT TO WIN!!!

This guy who's making a funny face is our Area Manager.

He sweated so much, the paper pinned to his chest torn and colour inked on his t-shirt LMAO!!!!

Showing passionate faces after the tiring run.

My face was flushing red that I actually freaked some people out -_-

The team who completed the 5km run for charity!!!

This is about half of the people we have at HQ office and outlet staff are, unfortunately, not allowed to participate.

We tried to do a few jump shots but all of it failed because our timing and coordination sucked BIG TIME! Or maybe the photographer's lousy I don't know :p

Among us, Jay (the guy who stood in front) was the best jumper! He jumped super high as if he's on a trampoline or something! Don't believe me? Check out these photos of him jumping!!




That's a very gay photo of me but I'm sacrificing my image in order to show you guys how high Jay can jump *dedicated blogger* T_T

This was our last event with the company :)

Myself, Yen, LY, Jes, Angie.

I don't remember what I was laughing at but why lah make me laugh when I'm taking photo???? I look ugly when I laugh T_T

So far, I think I was probably the only person in the office who has no problem in walking (my legs didn't ache at all while the rest have problem climbing up and down the stairs LOL!) and when I was being asked why by many people, I guess that's simply because...

I do a lot of (window) shopping.

I have to admit that I may not have to stamina to run/jog but I can actually walk a lot! Shopping helps hahahahaha!

However, after this run, I realised that I have to exercise regularly irregardless of whether I'm free or not. At least once a week for 30mins or something because my stamina's really poor :(

I want to attempt another marathon when I'm ready ;)

Throughout the entry, I avoid mentioning names of the event, company, BODs just in case anyone from the holding tries to google some keywords and link them to my blog omg the horror!

If you are curious, here are the only details that I'm only able to reveal in photo.

Our team :)

Please organise more charity event like this in future! It got us closer and made us realise how poor our stamina is.


Stephanie Ee said...

I LOL-ed in office while reading this post. I LOL-ed even louder from the jump shots pictures till down.


Jaclyn [Yian] said...

Very bad lor u! U must be laughing at my gay photo and poor stamina!!! MUST BE!!! T____T

Stephanie Ee said...

The failed jump shots very funny!
First first you look stun.
Second, kenot see you.
Third, also kenot see you.
Forth, go look yourself at photo #3

Can't help but... Hahahahahahahahaha

Okay, I should zip my mouth d.. *giggling*

Jaclyn [Yian] said...

Wahahahahaha rupanya u laughed at those failed photos of mine


I'm going to blame the photographer for causing me such embarrassment!!! *sob*

Francisco Carrasco said...

VocĂȘ narra muito bem. Gostei.