Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My First Bon Odori Experience, 2011

Today is such a great day and in fact, it's a day to remember!

So many great things happened today and I officially declare today as the best day of the year thus far!

Since I'm in such great mood, I shall blog!


It was actually a pretty last minute plan to attend Bon Odori and we were unable to buy any cheap or reasonable yukata although Florence and I really wanted to wear it to the event.

We checked out online blogshops and a yukata costs about RM180-RM200+! Call me a cheapo but sorry, I'm quite reluctant to pay this amount for a costume that I'll be wearing once a year only -_-

And so, I decided to at least attempt to look like a Japanese girl! Of course, I failed.

However, I must admit that I had a good hair day!

My curls were beautiful on that day and the aunty who sells bubble tea at Kelana lrt station asked me where I got my hair permed at, how did I styled it and she loves the colour too. She's obsessed with my hair!

She even asked where I bought my flower from and I reluctantly told her that the flower was bought from pasar malam (night market), so no low class already suddenly T_T

Again, I got many strangers asking about my hair once awhile and it puzzles me because I don't know how to answer them! There are no beauty tips to share! I simply wax my hair when it's semi-dry and blow dry thereafter!

I think what differs my curls to others is the fact that my hair is pretty thick.

The 2 important people in my circle of friends, Florence (left) and Teng.

We have been friends since primary school! We fought, we cried, we laughed and did almost every possibly things we could do throughout our journey of growing up together.

We even went to Taiwan together late last year :)

After reading a few blog entries of people's past experience at Bon Odori, we were advised to take public transport over as finding a car park proves to be a problem. And so we did.

Teng needs Enfagrow :p

I've never been a fan of public transportation in Malaysia but I thought we could risk it this time around. The only public transport that I'm willing to take in Malaysia is only Putra LRT and KL Monorail.


KTM delayed for 30mins. Place getting crowded and the women-only coach has MEN queuing as well (but we women shoo-ed them away). By the time the train arrived, stampede almost happened wtf.

Teng is, well, a bad photographer as usual :p

We got squeezed like sardine in the coach (thank goodness all women!) and with my height, I'm smelling the top of people's hair. Worse for Teng and Florence because with their height, they smell people's armpits HAHAHAHAHAHA....

As all of us stood so close to each other, we (a Caucasian lady, Malays, Indians & Chinese) ended up chatting and each time 1 of the us got down, we said goodbye LOL! A very 1Malaysia experience!

In the end, we arrived pretty late at about 9+ and I was amazed by the amount of crowds there. People were seen donning in yukata irregardless of their races and happily taking pictures with their friends or any photographers who approached them. A very interesting sight!

Why are you selling Justin Bieber's merchandises here at a Japanese event?

There were many stalls selling various kinds of Japanese food, drinks and desserts. Prices were rather expensive but you kinda expected it at such event, no?

My dressing on that day.

Florence and Teng's dressing.

On nom nom nom...

Upon arrival, we were so hungry, we headed straight to the stalls to hunt for food!

Sharing a bowl of oden. this picha!

I love Takoyaki!!!

These were our yummy dinner!

Surprisingly, Pocari Sweat were sold much cheaper than retail price (2 for RM3 only!) and both Florence and I who love Pocari Sweat, bought it immediately!

However, we were disappointed that the "supposingly" Yaki Soba turned out to be the Chinese yellow noodles (egg noodles). Why con people???? :(

By the time we settled down for dinner, the dance started. And we missed it :(( But it's also a great view and entertainment for us to enjoy our dinner while watching the dance at the same time :)

Teng quenching her thirst with Pocari Sweat.

Florence who got photobombed by a lady in yukata.


People dancing around the stage.

Performers were all primary school kids!

Out of thousands of people on that day, we managed to bump into Wei Mun whom we have not met since we left high school! If this is not fate, I don't know what it is! :)

We walked around a little longer before we left the place at about 10+ because we were rushing back to PJ for our yamcha LOL!

KTM station were packed to the brim with human and Teng volunteered to pay for the cab because she didn't pay a single cent for the food that night and thanks to her, we managed to escape from having to squeeze ourselves into the train again :p

Thereafter, we adjourned to Kota Damansara for yamcha to catch up with each other's life and Teng stayed overnight at my place since it has been late and it's unsafe for her to drive all the way back to Puchong.

Overall, I would say that it's a very interesting experience at this Bon Odori festival. All you get to do is to takes tonnes of pictures (in our case, we didn't take much since we weren't in yukata), dance and eat. I may or may not visit again next year unless I manage to get someone to drive us over or having my girl friends to wear yukata together with me in a group ;)

I love seeing babies in kids in costumes and they looked absolutely adorable! :D Those who has never been to Bon Odori before, please go and experience it once.


Stephanie Ee said...

I reach there by 6pm plus, still can get parking.. Hehe.. Behind those food stalls only =D Lucky =D

Last year my friend parked at the roundabout there...

Jaclyn [Yian] said...

I'm still very sad that I don't get to meet u in person T_T

Stephanie Ee said...

Me too! :(

Nvm, still have plenty of chances to meet. Cheers ^^