Saturday, June 04, 2011

Shu Yi's 23rd Birthday @ My Elephant, Hartamas

I don't think Shu Yi will mind the fact that I just revealed her age hahaha!

We are both of the same age now! YES!! I bet nobody else is as excited as I do. You have no idea how much "age" meant to you when 50% of your friends are a year younger wtf.

Just kidding! I'm fine with it because I think I age gracefully hahaha. Right? Right??

Shu Yi's birthday was celebrated at My Elephant (Sri Hartamas branch) because her best friend, Siok Yim, would like to try that place out and Hartamas is kind of like a mid-point for everyone from PJ, Cheras, Kepong and Sg Buloh.

I called a couple of days in advance to book a table as well as their famous Mango Cheesecake in order to avoid any casualties.

Being a person who's usually on time, I was surprised that I arrived sharp at 7pm LOL! Didn't notice that until the waitress asked for my name, the time that I booked and said, "Oh! Sharp at 7pm!"

I'm used to being punctual because I have meetings often and I avoid being late :)

Siok Yim and Jee Meei.

Siok Yim was so pressured by this habit of mine, she arrived very early too. Ah, not to forget that I likeeeee to tease her a lot whenever she's late! Now she has phobia of being late when she's going out with me =A=

Boon Kee dear and myself.

After Siok Yim, Jee Meei and Boon Kee came together thereafter.

Followed by Boon Leng.

This is the prank that we were planning to play on the birthday girl! :D

Siok Yim, Jee Meei and Boon Leng.

Sam came even later than the birthday girl! How dare of him!

I hadn't seen Sam since I left Australia so you can guess how many years it has been! Can't help it because he's always so busy!!

Shu Yi, the birthday girl and Angie.

My first time seeing Shu Yi dressed up so feminine that day! We should totally make it a point that the birthday boy/girl MUST dress up nicely on their birthday celebration! Who's with me??? :D

Black and white. We complement each other well :p

I looked damn ugly in the photo above but Shu Yi looked nice so no choice, I just post it up T_T

Food at My Elephant is pretty decent albeit the small portion so everyone was busy eating and don't bother to pose for my camera *sob*

Sam: Boon Boon... how come your tomyam looks so good geh...
Boon Leng: Hehehe you also know leh....

Okay, I just made both of them sound so gay...

Damn hate Siok Yim okay. Most people look ugly with candid but hers always turn out so nicely. WHY SO UNFAIR??? T_T

The birthday girl served us that night. What an honor!

The 3 best friends.

Mango Cheesecake.
(Check out my review on My Elephant's cakes here)

It was really awkward when the friendly waitress brought out the cake because she presented the cake to ME!!! Shu Yi (who was seated beside me) was ready to accept the cake but the waitress brought the cake passed her and put it in front of me hahahahahhahaha how embarrassing!!

Shu Yi has no idea about the prank and was having a harddddddd time trying to put off the candles!

All of us had a great time laughing...

You know what I meant by ugly candid right? FML.

And continue laughing...

She's still having a hard time at it LMAO!

We were all happy with our slice of cake ^^

I'll save the food review at My Elephant for the next entry because this entry is all about Shu Yi's birthday :)

Thereafter, we adjourned to Brussels at Solaris for a drink and for some catch ups.

My fringe was too long and the damn portable air conditioner kept messing up my hair T_T

It has been quite some time since we last met up with each other so we had a great time that night. Sam's a joker so it's fun to have him around (minus the fact that he said I was very fat back in Foundation and how much I've changed now).

Each of us with our drinks.

Boon Leng, being a very generous person like usual, treated us that night! Paiseh max because for no reason he's treating us! You must let us treat u back next time, okay??? Thank you so so so much! :)

Happy Birthday to you, Shu Yi! Cheersssss~

Although it was a simple celebration with the same faces again and nothing like what you had back in Australia but I truly hope you had a great time with us ;)


Sorry for not updating my blog for more than a week. I have been extremely busy with work lately as well as hanging out with my friends. Life's more than staying behind the computer, right? I'm now chilling out with my dear friend at Starbucks (Mont Kiara) with our laptop and a cup of Green Tea Soy Frappuccino so I thought of quickly completing this halfway written entry (dated back on 23rd May!) before going to Curve for friend's birthday dinner and yamcha. Life's good :)

Have a wonderful weekend!


siokyim said...

OH MY GOD u look great in candid shot as well my darling~ btw me looks so pale :( thanks for the long awaited update hehe =p see u real soon babe!! *wink*

Looking for a Car? said...

nice post

Jaclyn [Yian] said...

Siok Yim - OH MY GOD u must be kidding me ok!! hahahahaha! I've been busy lately with projects hence the slow update! Will write another fun entry soon! :D Meet up meet up meet up soon ok! :)

Looking for a Car? - Thanks for dropping by but no, I'm not looking for a car LMAO!

cola tan said...

hahahaha , ur comment is as entertaining as ur post , lol ~

it was really a great time ! n i dun need a passport anymore , hehehe ~

Jaclyn [Yian] said...

LOL!!! I have to maintain my "joker" image also, right? Not as hilarious as u though!