Sunday, June 26, 2011

Road Trip: Paddy Fields at Sekinchan

This road trip came about last minute on the day before Wesak Day (last month) when Mun Keat and I were BBM-ing each other that we shouldn't be wasting our precious day off and we should do something instead.

It was then MK suggested Sekinchan for photography. I delegated him as the organizer where he's supposed to 1) research on the places to eat and go to 2) how to get there and 3) invite friends.

I secretly backed him up by asking Eunice to help with the internet research on the first point while I asked my dad for help on the second point. Not that I don't trust MK with his leadership skill but I'm a person who's used to having a back up plan.

GUESS WHAT!!! MK didn't managed to google anything from the internet about Sekinchan, didn't google map the location over as well as his friends all ffk-ed!!! Thank goodness I have back ups and both my friends didn't ffk me! Now, I guess I'm better at leadership and planning instead hahahahaha!!! :p

We departed from my house and the journey took us about 2 hours to reach our destination at the speed of 120-140km/h with many traffic lights at Kampar town. There are 2 famous restaurants at Sekinchan and we decided to settle for Jiann Chyi Restaurant. I was pleasantly surprise to find out that Jiann Chyi was once featured in Taste with Jason (Ah Xian from Astro AEC) programme.

Jaclyn with Eunice and Mun Keat.

With Jeremy.
Dude, thanks for coming despite busy preparing for your CFA examination :)

One of my friends favourite past time is to catch me playing with handphone T_T

If you ask the locals around or people who frequent to Sekinchan, they'll tell you that this little town is famous for eating one type of meat which is....... shark meat.

Yes, shark *gulp*

I was a little hesitant at first because I oppose to the idea of eating shark fin kinda person and now I have to eat shark meat. However, I also learned that they serve nothing much there other than shark meat FML.

(Sharks served here are bred apparently. Not endangered shark)

Clockwise from top left: Shark meat porridge, stir fry shark meat, vegetable and deep fried shark meat.

The shark meat porridge is our favourite and really tasty as you can taste the freshness of the shark meat as well as the sweetness of the soup. Stir fry shark meat is equally good too with the meat being cooked tender and juicy. Stir fry vegetable may seem very ordinary from the picture but it was cooked with generous amount of dried shrimps and garlic that make such simple dish so delicious! Finally, deep fried shark meat is quite a let down. I guess fresh ingredient shouldn't be fried as it was a little tough and nothing special about it other than dipping it with chilly sauce.

Our meal with drinks came to about RM48 for the 4 of us. So cheap!!! Shark meat leh!

Jiann Chyi Restaurant
No 156, Jalan Bagan Sekinchan
Sekinchan 45400
Tel: 03-3241 4690

(The other popular restaurant called Guan Seng Long is located right opposite of Jiann Chyi)

Mun Keat was fascinated by the signage behind me and since I was dressed in red, he asked me to pose for him.

Sekinchan's firefighters.

Seriously, if we are, I think Sekinchan will be in deep trouble...

My huge Maxis umbrella is able to shelter 4 of us if we squeeze together! Awesome max!

Clueless on where to get about after a hearty meal, we asked the locals on what we can do and places for photography. Hey, at least I make use of the limited Mandarin that I know of okay! *proud*

We drove around the little town and we came across....

"Moo~ these bunch of morons... Moo~"

A skinny cow....

Eyesore sight of the sea....

People drying shrimps and fishes the traditional way...

Damn smelly okay I'm not even kidding you. This MK unwind the window to take picture and we almost died by the pungent smell.

Cruising around the town in my baby Latte, we finally found the place that we were looking for and it took our breathe away the moment we drove in to the paddy fields.

Paddy fields, Sekinchan.

The place's so big and the sight is so pretty, we just couldn't wait to get out of the car to snap photos already!

Photo will be perfect if we have a tractor behind LOL!

2 city girls conquering a little town.

With my 2 handsome hunks aka bodyguards :p

The rice that you eat.

Was asked to squat > Took our umbrella away > Asked to turn and smile.

When we are not shooting, this is what we did - hiding under the umbrella! I did not apply any sunblock and it's SO sunny that day! Very, very hot!! I even got sunburned at the end of the day T_T

Through the eyes of others...

We then found this rather huge and beautiful temple in the middle of the paddy fields and decided to make a pit stop over to explore.

Breathtaking view from the top of the pagoda. Please be aware that the staircase is extremely steep and narrow. I suggest only youngsters go up instead.

Thank goodness I didn't break his leg hahahaha....



They intended to pose like Angry Birds but 1 of our friend commented in Facebook that it looked like they are using a public toilet LOL!!!

The organizers :)

With such beautiful scenery and scorching sun, all photos turned out so well.

We are happy like kids!

Next, we changed location for more photo shooting.

So picturesque!

Absolutely heart this pic!

We decided to do manyyyyyyy jump poses to show how happy and energetic we youngsters are wtf. I mean, such sunny day with the colourful bright coloured t-shirt that we wore on that day, we can't have emo pose, right?

Might as well show everyone who we truly are - fun and happy bunch of people!

I think I looked super happy in this photo kekeke....

You have no idea how times we've jumped in order to have everyone looked synchronized in jumping like the photos above.

However, this is my FAVOURITE jump photo taken on that day....

Hahahaha both of them are so funny and cute!

Both of them jumped so high, they looked like they are flying wtf.

Cool pose.


Group jump shot with timer failed.

Posers' butt pose.

On the way out, we came cross this row of tractors parked along the road and decided to stop by again for photo shoot.


I have no idea Eunice gave me a "V" sign behind!

Thank you for not ffk-ing me like MK's friends :p

Thank you for tolerating my nonsense! Lol.
(These 2 guys aren't that tall after all!!!)

The colour of our shirt matches the colour of the tractors! Look like t-shirt models or not???

Wahahahaha ugly photo of Jeremy and myself but soooo funny!

Thereafter we thought of going to a place with waterfall since the day was so sunny and we drove an hour plus to Rawang's Templer's Park for waterfall.

But it was such a letdown!!! :(((((

That's not even a waterfall!!! ROAR!!!

The water is so filthy but there are people swimming in it and washes their hair too wtf. I can't imagine soaking my legs in it and what's more, swimming in the filthy water *shudder*

Finally, after spending about 30minutes at the Templer's Park (10 minutes climbing the hill), we adjourned to Kepong KTZ for high tea and we were joined by Boon Kee who can't make it on that day with us as she has to meet up with her insurance agent on the same day.

Mango sai mai lou is still the BEST.

Overall, we had a wonderful day filled with laughter and a couple of impromptu plans that we came up with on that day itself.

My personal tip: For photo shooting, go with people who are fun and willing to pose for/with you. You don't want all your photos taken look the same with the same poses, no?

Give this paddy fields at Sekinchan a shot if you are into photography like us! I don't mind being your model but lunch on you! :p


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LOL I like the Black Pearl joke too! Was so worried ppl don't get it XD

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