Monday, May 02, 2011

Shopping for Cowgirl Costumes & New Hairband

Company's staff party is coming up and the theme for this year will be Wild Wild West! Yeehaaa~!

I seriously hate themes that require me to fork out money to buy costumes. Especially those that I can only wear it once and that's it. I don't mind spending money on clothes that I can wear on normal outings but come on, it's Wild Wild West people! I don't want to go out to One Utama as a Cowgirl or Red Indian wtf.

And so, I decided to go as a Cowgirl because all I need to buy is a pair of boots and a hat. I'm going to pair those with a t-shirt, mini skirt and a leather jacket. I'M THAT CHEAPSKATE! NO MONEY OK MY PARENTS DON'T PRINT MONEY!

Florence is being so kind to accompany me to Sungei Wang and Times Square to shop for my stuff (we didn't managed to find Red Indian costumes though) and these are my shopping loots bought yesterday.

Shopping loots.

Although I didn't buy much but I still spent more than RM200 on shopping and meals T_T That's also after stopping myself from entering many shops, putting back the clothes that I find pretty and keep telling self that I need to stay focused with my mission of the day.

Otherwise, I think I might easily spend RM300-RM500 like usual -_-

Cheapest Cowboy hat that I managed to find! RM20 only!

Knee high boots that can fit into my fat legs. RM89.90.

Dress with necklace - RM26.90. Belt - RM12.90.

Hairband, RM6.00 (I think).

I was trying on the variety of hairbands at a particular stall and Florence thought I looked good in any hairbands especially those with big flowers on it. She kept persuading me to buy those that I've tried but I didn't want to because I thought it's too girlish for my style and I sincerely don't think I look good in it. I didn't want to waste money too wtf.

While I was trying on the hairband above, she thought this looked best on me and went to pay without me knowing it =.=''' So, this is a gift from Florence and I wore it around KL with me today hahahaha.

Surprisingly, I began to like it :)

This is how I looked like in hairband for you guys to see! Please be mentally prepared. Not suitable for minor by the way.

Check out my necklace from Taiwan! :D

Florence, these are specially taken for you to express how much I love this hairband that you got for me *muaks*

I didn't know that I can actually pull off feminine look like this hahahaha! How deceiving because I'm definitely not feminine in real life :p

As you can see, my bangs is a little too long so I swept it to the side. Quite refreshing for a change, no? I want to cut my bangs already but I just don't have the time :( Anyone willing to come to my house to cut for me?

Can you guys also see my dark circles? It's horrible and I know I can easily conceal it with a concealer but I have not touched cosmetics for years!! I'm a lazy bum.

By the way, for all my darlings' concern over my eye infection on Saturday, it's still a little red but it's definitely getting better so don't worry okay? Thank you for asking and I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi...My company is doing the same theme for this year annual dinner. Wondering which shop exactly you bought that Knee high boots?? mind to recommend? TQ.

Jaclyn [Yian] said...

Hi! Terriblyyyy sorry for the late revert! I bought that knee high boots from a random shop at Berjaya Times Square! Hope this info doesn't come too late >.< So sorry!