Sunday, May 15, 2011

Myung Pum Korean Chicken BBQ, Sri Hartamas

How did you guys celebrate Mother's Day with your beautiful mummy?

Besides buying spa vouchers for my both my parents, we brought her to dine at Myung Pum Korean Chicken BBQ restaurant at Sri Hartamas. It was the first time for all of us.

Myung Pum Korean Chicken BBQ (halal).

Located close to Finnegan's Irish Pub (one of the popular landmark in Hartamas), Myung Pum is a corner lot with ample space hence they have both indoor and outdoor seating.

Weather has been extremely hot lately so my family strongly opposed to the idea of being seated outdoor so we chose indoor instead. And I don't think it's a very good idea either.

It's a freaking BBQ restaurant and if a barbecue restaurant doesn't have proper ventilation or aircon isn't cold enough, everyone ended up smelling like a human bbq with sauce (sweat) wtf. Myung Pum clearly lacks of both :(

Little bro, beautiful Wong mama and myself.

Look at my wet fringe! That's how much I sweated when I just got into the shop! I'm a person who's really cannot stand heat T_T

Like father, like son.

Both of them always give the same smile and pose. Unconsciously! Awesome or what?? LOL!

Unlike other Korean bbq restaurant that I've been to, they have this HUGE barbecue hot plate in the middle of the table.

Only 2 ban chans were served. How miserable T_T And I dislike both although my family likes it.

I absolutely love Korean food so I have higher expectation and taste bud whenever I visit to a Korean restaurant. I'm not going to be lenient with my opinions on the Korean food. NO.

Korean Chicken BBQ (Dak-Galbi). RM22/pax.

Comes in either Original or Spicy. Brother ordered for 2 pax so he chose both 'Original' and 'Spicy'. Since everything got mixed together, I have no idea how 'Original' tastes like.

Very polite, attentive and friendly staff.

We were initially being served by the extremely friendly and pretty ladyboss before she left to attend the cash register and her staff came to serve us. One of the reason why I love dining at a Korean restaurant is because the staff are well trained to be polite and friendly just like the Korean culture ^^

"Dak-Galbi, marinated with Korean secret red pepper sauce and cooked right on the table with mountain of veggies, sweet potato, boneless chicken and Korean rice cake." (as quoted from their name card)

Although the taste isn't as strong as marinated kimchi (slightly milder), but I still like it. Especially the veggies and chicken that stick at the bottom of the hot plate taste much, much better hahahaha!

It's might be a little spicy for those who can't take spicy food though. But just nice for my liking considering that I loveeee spicy food! :)

Andong Steamed Chicken. RM49 (small), RM70 (large).

Marinated chicken with hearty veggies & luxurious Korean glass noodles! First and only ONE place in Malaysia serving this exclusive dish! Must try! (quoted from their name card again)

Andong steamed chicken is one of their signature dish, along with Dak-Galbi. This was my favourite dish that night! I can't help but to keep eating the glass noodles as it goes very well with the sauce :p The dish may taste similar to Chinese dishes but I don't care!!! It's tasty!!

Korean Style Pan Cake. RM20.

To be honest. I don't like it because I dislike spring onions and the whole pan cake is being "decorated" with it wtf. If you are okay with spring onions, you'll like this dish like my family does because they even whacked my share -_-

I tried and find nothing special about it. It tastes similar to fried egg with onions and chillies that I cook at home.

Korean Style Chicken Soup (Sam Ge Tang). RM24.

With chicken, rice and etc.

Sam Ge Tang is simply too.... bland. It's great that they didn't add in any salt so it's really healthy but a bit too bland for my brothers liking. Hardly any taste of the ginseng.

Since my mum and I are both soup maniac, both of us finished it all. We are okay with the taste but yes, this is not the best Sam Ge Tang that I've had.

My verdict:-

There aren't many choices/selections for you to choose from their menu. Food was okay (average) and price is reasonable. Place is a little stuffy and hot. Service is extremelyyyyy good!

Similarly, if you want to dine at a good Korean restaurant, you may want to give Little Korea at Solaris a try. Or maybe Daorae (they have a few branches, pls google yourself!) that's not too far away from Myung Pum.

For Muslims readers who are looking for a Halal Korean BBQ restaurant around, Myung Pum is the place to be as they don't serve pork and they use Halal chicken only! ;) I saw many Muslim families dining there that night!
I was being informed that Myung Pum is non-halal as they are serving pork now. Sorry to all Muslim readers! :(

Myung Pum Korean Chicken BBQ Restaurant
No 2, Ground Floor
24/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2300 3203

I have my favourite Korean restaurant that serves cheap and GOOD food in PJ but I don't want to share leh! Now that place is getting crowded and I always have to wait for a table whenever I'm there :(((

My colleagues once recommended this Korean restaurant in ss2 to me saying that it's worth a try. Maybe I shall give it a shot and share with you guys next time! ;)


Anonymous said...

eh.. share with me la, where is the serve cheap and good food korean restaurant ar?

I only tried one inside jaya one.

Overall not bad..


Jaclyn [Yian] said...

Erm.. Erm.. Erm.. U r a PJ-rian??

Anonymous said...

I am shah alam-rian LOL.

30mins away from PJ. hmm..?

Jaclyn [Yian] said...

Then the cheap and good Korean restaurant is TOO far away for u! Your toll n petrol already expensive when u come all the way over to PJ :|

Anonymous said...

where got far wor? which area of PJ?

hmm.. anyway i don't need to pass toll to go PJ ler.

I always ada pergi makan makan at PJ wan lo. :x


Jaclyn [Yian] said...

Hmmm.. if that's the case, the cheap and good korean restaurant is in Amcorp Mall :) There's only 1 Korean restaurant there but not many selections oh!

Anonymous said...

hahha... thanks.

will pay there a visit then. hmm yummeh..


Kevin said...

nice pictures i love it.

Jaclyn [Yian] said...

Hi Kevin! Thank u for dropping by! Photos are taken with digi cam only so I hope the food looks tempting :)

asknomster said...

I jus went there!! I actually quite like the food there, the fried rice is yummy and you are right.. the service is great!

Btw, I have linked this post to

You can continue linking some of ur other post there in the future! See you soon!

Jaclyn [Yian] said...

Hi asknomster! Thanks for dropping by and introducing such great site to me and my readers! :D

Ahhh I missed out their fried rice though! That means I have to visit them again to find out how it tastes like ;)

asknomster said...

Yes, you should =) Hope to see you soon @

Anonymous said...

Wish to clarify, they serve pork and is not halal.. bit disappointed, brought my malay friend together but found out they serve pork.. feel so embarassed..

Jaclyn [Yian] said...

Hi! I'm sorry to know that they are no longer non-halal! The last I went was last year and they were, indeed, halal. There were other Malays dining there too.

Thanks for your valuable feedback. I shall amend the entry then :)