Sunday, May 08, 2011

Left or Right?

Yesterday was a great day! Siok Yim, Castine, Boon Kee, Eunice and I celebrated Boon Leng's birthday at New York New York, One Utama.

By the way, food at New York New York is pretty good. You guys should check that place out when you are there ;)

Boon Leng, we are both officially of the same age!!!
Although it might only last for a few months but I feel that somehow, I finally fit into you people's world wtf. Why this group of friends are all younger than me?? T_T

At night, my brother and I treated my family to a Korean restaurant at Sri Hartamas and I shall save the review of that place for another entry. After dinner, I adjourned to Bangsar South with Eunice to meet up with Li Lee and Meng Fai whom we've not met for a long, looooooong time! Great catch ups with them and these 2 didn't change 1 bit. Still so cute and funny :)

I absolutely love my Saturday!!!

Happy 23rd Birthday to you, Boon Leng :)


It's Sunday and I'm up at 9am for a dance practice for our upcoming staff party. Freaking 9am on a Sunday!

Every weekend I was hoping to wake up at noon but I always don't get to *sob*

Moreover, I was busy watching videos of Super Junior's "Sorry Sorry" to learn the dance steps at 2+ am just for today's dance practice!!! Am I committed or what? LOL!

Speaking of the staff party, I'm now considering changing my dressing to something else (will still wear boots and cowboy hat) but I just couldn't decide which top I should choose! Yea, I'm fickle minded like that and I hate it.

I'm also considering changing my bangs back to side fringe but I also cannot decide whether to go with left or right parting hahahahaha

Left vs right parting.

My parting has always been left but my good friend said that I look better with right and she wants me to change it. Actually... I don't think there's any difference between both but since hairstyle is important as it affects a person's look so I want it to be at tip top condition wtf.

Please don't look into my eyes in the photos above because I was having eye infection at that time and although both eyes were recovering when the photos above were taken, the redness is still visible so people with sensitive eyes better not look.

It's 11.59pm! I shall watch an episode of Yes Sir! Sorry Sir! before going to bed. Dance practice tomorrow after work omg. I need Redbull already....

Happy Mother's Day to all beautiful mums out there!!!


Anonymous said...

oh got eye infection, no wonder i keep see ur eyes why red red one. :x

i choose fringe on the right.



Jaclyn [Yian] said...

LOL~! That time already recovering otherwise it looks like I have red contact lens on!

Right parting? Really? That's what my good fren said too! :p

Anonymous said...

believe it or not? last week after commenting on this.

my eyes started to feel uncomfortable, and almost got an eye infection. lucky drank alot of leong shui.. hahaha

don't want to look at the picture again.. :x


Jaclyn [Yian] said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA omggggg so scary!

I'm sorry :(((( Don't look into my eyes until so detailed! Sorry sorry!