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Hua Xing Restaurant, Sungei Way

Blessed to all PJ-rians because I'm recommending another good restaurant in PJ again!

Ever wonder where you could find a place that serves good and authentic Hokkien food and doesn't cost you a bomb or burn a hole in your pocket? If you have thought about that before, great. Read on.

Hua Xing Restaurant was a place recommended by my brother's friends (who are quite picky with food) and they gave 2 thumbs up for the quality of food served. My first visit with my family was on the 7th day of CNY and we went there again just 2 weeks ago on my dad's birthday because I said I was treating.

I'm supposed to blog about this during CNY but yea, I forgot :p Hey, it's better to be late than never right?? I'm going to join both visits into 1 entry in order to save time ;)

Everyone probably already knows that Sungei Way isn't exactly a very safe place to hang out and what's more, the location of Hua Xing is pretty secluded -_- Located on the first floor at the building beside the wet market, it's not easy to spot if you are not familiar with the place around.

Map to Hua Xing Restaurant.

Well, that's probably the simplest map you've ever seen but I'm drawing it without a mouse so that's the most I can draw for you guys. If I'm not mistaken, that's Sg Way secondary school. But look for the market landmark! There's only 1 market in Sg Way!

Personal tips from me to you - Do not walk to the alley behind by yourself (be it you are a guy or girl) and avoid parking at the basement car park. The place is totally unsafe so we always park by the roadside and walk together in a group.

The moment you walk to the shop lots behind, you'll see many shops selling sarees and Indian stuff. You can even smell strong jasmine flower scent. That place is like a Little India! Hua Xing is located upstairs at first floor :)

Hua Xing is the only Chinese restaurant there and the place is almost packed with people on CNY and weekday when I went over. I heard you'll have to wait for a table on weekends!

Appearing in numerous newspapers reviews and visited by many local celebrities just confirm 1 thing - THIS PLACE MUST BE PRETTY GOOD!

More pictures of celebrities and reviews on the other side of the wall.

Hua Xing Menu, Page 1.

Hua Xing Menu, Page 2.

Sadly, prices are not stated in the menu so all the dishes that I'm about to recommend, do not have price to it because I have no idea too! But rest assured, it is definitely reasonable ;)

Marmite Pork Ribs.

Marmite pork ribs is a a very common Chinese dish that you can find in almost all Chinese restaurant but because we wanted to order a pork dish so we picked that.

The pork ribs was fried till crunchy and flavourful! Not bad and I liked it!

Home Town Tauhu.

For a person who likes tauhu, I LOVE this type of tauhu being cooked! You know, being fried and topped with minced pork? Absolutely love it. Yum!!!

Other bloggers recommended their Fish Paste Beancurd. Imma try that on my next visit!!

Kangkung Belacan.

Just like what you can get in any other Chinese restaurant. Nothing to rave about.

Thai Style Lady Fingers (Okra).

Recommended by the uncle who takes order as he said it's pretty good and popular among the diners and we decided to give it a shot.

The dish is, indeed, good! It's appetizing with the sweet Thai sauce topped with cucumber, onion and chilly slices. Lady's fingers were crunchy and go very well with the sauce. You might want to try this when you're there ;)

Spring Roll (Chun Kin).

This was also recommended by the uncle during our second visit. By the look of it, it seems like fried banana fritters but don't judge a book by its cover! This spring roll is pretty good! Perhaps the skin could be a little thinner.

And here comes our FAVOURITE dishes at Hua Xing! It's a MUST ORDER when you are there!

Fried Crispy Brinjal.

I have no idea why this dish is not listed in the menu but pleaseeeeeee remember to order this in LARGE when you are there because I'm sure you won't regret this! Even this "large" seems very small and little to us!

Just tell them fried brinjals and they know what you want. The brinjals were fried with generous amount of garlic bits and topped with a bit of spring onions, this dish is addictive! It's my favourite dish!!!

Fried Tapioca Flour Noodles.

One of the authentic Hokkien dish that looks strikingly similar to loh see fun (rice noodles) but this is tapioca flour. Texture is more chewy and a little bit harder than loh see fun but soooo damn tasty!!!

I love the chewy texture :D

Hokkien Braised Pork with Alkaline Kuih.

Braised Pork.

I have no idea why it's called alkaline kuih but basically you dip this into the dark braised pork gravy to eat and it's so delectable, you couldn't stop eating it! The pork were soft and braised till flavourful with the awesome sauce. You cannot give this a pass if you are here or wanting to try Hokkien food.

Hua Xing just became one of my family's favourite restaurant (especially my mum who is a Hokkien!) due to the quality of food served and of course, price being really reasonable too! However, we still avoid going to this place over the weekend because we definitely don't want to waste time looking for a parking spot as well as a table to seat us when we are hungry.

If you are interested in giving this place a shot over the weekend, be sure to reserve a table by giving them a call! Don't make your daddy and mummy wait!

Restoran Hua Xing
No. 1-12, 1st Floor
Plaza Seri Setia
Jalan SS9/2
Seri Setia, Sungai Way
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 016-376 7477/03-78763288

Good luck in searching for the place with my awesome map! Of course, the easier way is to bring me along and I'm more than happy to be your navigator - provided the meal's on you :p


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