Saturday, May 14, 2011

Guess What I Won?

I have been extremely busy lately with projects and last Wednesday, I'm finally done with my company's staff party! It was a lottttttt of work but I had great fun nonetheless!

Will blog about it when I have all the photos from my colleagues and professional photographer.

Meanwhile, take a wild guess on what I've won in the lucky draw?

I won myself a hair dryer -_-
(I was actually aiming for the laptop and camera T_T)

It's embarrassing because it wasn't something to shout about and I still blog about it but I AM REALLY HAPPY THAT I WON A HAIR DRYER!!! :D

I've been planning to buy a new and good hair dryer for my hair since I wash and blow dry it everyday but all good hair dryers in the market are really, really expensive! Now, I saved a lot of money since I won it!

And this Philips hair dryer is really good too! Got a few temperatures for you to control as well as hot and cool air!! 1,600W! Mad love it!

So, if you think my hair is pretty when you see me, you know what I use~!


Anonymous said...

haha hair dryer can set as hot and cool air!?

wow.. then can use it as a fan blower lor? useful when it is in hot weather then.



Jaclyn [Yian] said...

Actually long time already hair dryer has both hot n cold air function! And yes, I use it as a fan blower too when the weather is sibeh hot XD

Anonymous said...

oh lol serious? hahaha so sakai la me..

so the main purpose of having the cold air function is to act as a fan blower? hahahhaa what a cool invention -.-


Jaclyn [Yian] said...

The purpose of the cool air is to use it at the end when your hair is almost dry to lock in the shine! of course not using it as a fan blower la omg -_-