Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sunnies and Sunday

Instead of always updating you guys with my outdated entries that happened months ago, I thought maybe I should blog about this outing that I had last Sunday with Siok Yim and Shu Yi first :D

Suddenly this site feels like Astro instead of RTM right? Say yes. Just say it.

I bought a new sunglasses by the way. Not that you guys care but I'm so happy I'm still going to say it! 2 of my sunglasses broke within the same week. And I'm not even wearing it but it just broke. Isn't it weird? Like a bad omen!

New sunnies :D

Don't worry I'm not a dangerous driver. I took it while waiting at the traffic light wtf.

I met up with Siok Yim and Shu Yi whom I befriended back in Australia (they were Malaysians, we attended the same college but never got to know each other) at Mid Valley last Sunday for a simple meal and some catch ups!

Lunch at Chilli's.

Love the food! Bottomless chips is missing in the photo though :(

Siok Yim and Shu Yi.

Both appeared in my blog before so I don't think they need any introduction otherwise it'll be repetitive.

We had great lunch together, shared tonnes of stories and cracked some silly jokes throughout. I had so much fun! Thanks girls for having this meet up. We should do it more often ;)

Things that I bought.

Shu Yi and I bought Listerine and we both were given 2 bottles of Johnson Baby Milk bath as complimentary. We were sooooo happy but not until I got home and checked on their expiry date. BOTH WERE EXPIRED FTS!

I thought something's off because why would Johnson & Johnson give out not 1 but 2 bottles of Milk Bath for free when a bottle of Listerine costs less than RM10? That's the catch!

But screw it I'm going to use it to wash my feet *kiamsiap mode on*

The seaweed and candies were souvenirs for me from Korea!!! *beams* Thank you so much, Siok Yim!!!


siokyim said...

hahaha so ur site is now Astro instead of RTM! this is damn funny i burst into laughter once i saw that!! Ur post has Never failed to put a smile on my face, good job jaclyn ~ and u better keep ur blog as updated as Astro wahahaha!!

Jaclyn [Yian] said...

LOL thanks for reading this site despite the lack of updates! For the sake of u guys, I'll keep blogging! :D

Btw, I also laughed at my own Astro joke when I was typing it lor hahahaha! My work is making me unhappy day by day so I hope I can still be funny as time goes by~ :p

shuyi said...

i like the befriended , lol ~
n kanasai tat Johnson & Johnson =.="

-cola tan-

Jaclyn [Yian] said...

Seriously, that Johnson & Johnson really za dou to the maximum! Nvm, we shall use it to wash our feet wtf :p

food^we^despise said...

Must say or do something on expired FREE goods. even CNY hampers fr supermkt almost expired, maybe in one mth only. also free hampers fr Dutch Lady also expire same mth. this practice by local companies (yah! MNC but here is their local Counterpart) that gives so-called "free" things is wrong.

Jaclyn [Yian] said...

Exactly rite? So angry to feel cheated by these organizations! :( Wanna clear stock or get ppl to buy also don't have to use such unethical tactics! Such bad image they are portraying! Everyone should check expiry goods carefully next time!