Saturday, April 16, 2011

Malacca Short Trip 2011

My university friends are the type who plan things ahead and have to be informed early of a plan or trip. On the other hand, my secondary school friends are the adventurous type who like to have impromptu plans or trips, while the excitement's still there.

I'm just blessed to have these 2 groups of friends because at times, I like things to be well planned out but sometimes, I prefer things to be impromptu instead :)

I was hanging out with secondary school friends and out of a sudden, they decided to have a trip down to Malacca for food. Yes, for food. I mean, what else can we do there besides food? This group of friends has the passion for good food just like I do so we have been going out a lot lately in search of good food. Not to mention the good amount of kilos all of us have gained as well.

Driver and navigator of the day: Maggie.
Co-driver: Shawn (but really, all he did was talking & providing entertainment to her).
To help with eating & do all the talking: Jaclyn & Shin Shin (sounds easy but trust me, it isn't...).

Maggie used to live in Malacca for a couple of years hence she's extremely familiar with the little historical state and she used all the shortcuts and small roads to reach to our destinations!! My attempt to memorize the roads and locations failed BIG time. Damn.

Today, I'm going to give you guides and ideas for a short food trip in Malacca! Just follow what we ate and I guarantee you guys go home with big tummy. Sounds good? Let's begin!

Our first stop of the day for breakfast.

Baba Charlie.

This house turned shop specialised in all kinds of Nyonya Cake (kuih), Nyonya Popiah and etc. It's located in the middle of the housing area so, who would have known of this place if not for the locals who used to/live there?

Thank you Maggie for bringing us to this place that sells awesome nyonya kuih *tears of joy* I love kuih...

Look at the variety of things they sell!

A variety of nyonya kuih to spoil everyone.

I swear I was having a difficult time to select the stuff that I wanted because everything seems so tasty! And I didn't want to buy too many as my family members don't fancy kuih as much as I do :(

Breakfast: Nyonya Kuih.
My verdict: Nice and cheap!!! Especially their yam cake is a must buy!

Baba Charlie Nyonya Cake
72, Jalan Tengkera Pantai 2C, 75200 Melaka.
Tel: 06-284 7209; H/P: 019-666 2907
(closed on Tuesday)

Thereafter, we adjourned to this famous Restoran Nyonya Makko at Melaka Raya :)

Restoran Nyonya Makko.
"The Best Nyonya Food in town"

Need I say more? Just take a look at the crowd yourself!

It was already full house but thankfully, they have a table for us beside the entrance so we don't have to wait for one. At that time, we were already famished so it's bad if they don't feed us asap.

Maggie and Shawn.

Shawn stands more than 1.9m tall so eventually, our group gets public attention all the time. Even the grandma at Baba Charlie was so impressed with him, she kept talking to him and ignored the rest of us :p

The lunch was soooo good, I just want to eat. And eat. And just focus on eating.

Thank goodness I'm not a food blogger. Otherwise I'll be salivating already while taking photos of every single dishes.

Lunch: Nyonya food.
My verdict: If you love Nyonya food and are here in Malacca, you MUST dine here!!!
Restoran Nyonya Makko
123, Taman Melaka Raya,
Off Jalan Parameswara (Bandar Hilir)
75000 Melaka
Tel: +606 284 7037

Lunch: 11.30am - 2.45pm
Dinner: 6pm - 9.30pm
(closed on Tuesdays)

Since we have some time to spare before dinner, we took a walk at Mahkota Parade (I get to check on my outlet & staff as well) and Dataran Pahlawan Megamall before heading over to the Jonker Street for a walk.

Jonker Street!!! :D

Will you judge me if I confess that I actually love pasar malam (night market)? Yes I do because there are plenty of street food that I love!

And that's one of the main reason why I love Taiwan so much - many night markets and street food! And not to mention handsome guys too :p

Okay back to this entry again.



Must take tourissy pic!!!
(the uncle looked so lonely... Awww...)

Jonker Street with CNY mood.

What is an entry without the author's face, right? XD

Check out my fav snowflake necklace :D

That's Shawn's view when he "looks down" at us hahahaha.

I miss my long hair out of a sudden *sniff*

Not long later, we decided to have our high tea at....

Jonker Dessert 88.

To know how popular a restaurant/cafe is in Malacca, just take a look at the amount of crowd queuing in front of the shop will do. The funny thing is, people really don't mind waiting just to eat at that particular shop even knowing that the queue was long!

The first time we were there, we thought the queue was ridiculous so we decided to come back later and the second time we came back, the queue was miraculously gone. Weird huh?

Love the old interior!

Cendol & Durian Cendol.

Seriously, after reading all the raves about how great Jonker's cendol is, I thought it was very... ordinary. It was tooooo sweet and in fact, I think the rojak van nearby Kelana Lrt offers better cendol wtf.

The girls :)

L-R: Shin Shin, Jaclyn, Maggie.

Shawn attempted to have a group photo taken but instead of asking people to help us out, he insisted to do it the "camwhoring" way and here's the result....

It was HORRIBLE hahahahahaha!!!

Shawn's face got cut off and I was talking FOL. My candid never turns out well. NEVER!!! T_T

High Tea: Cendol at Jonker Dessert 88.
My verdict: Nothing special about the cendol but I heard that their laksa is pretty good so you might want to try that when you're there ;)

Get all the info from their website at

After our high tea, our plan was to eat satay celup but after driving pass the place and saw the ridiculous queue in front of the shop, we decided to give that a pass as we didn't want to waste our time queuing.

We headed straight for dinner at this large open food court similar to Ming Tien food court style at Taman Megah, PJ.

Maggie recommended this place because of their greattt BBQ chicken wings and Portugese Grill Fish & Squid.

(I forgot to take pic of the Grill Fish because it was so good, I was busy eating :p)

Orh jien was tasty and the chee cheong fun was smooth. I'm not really a fan of chee cheong fun but the rest loved it so much! The Portuguese Grill Fish, Sotong and BBQ Chicken Wings were my favourite!

Dinner: Portuguese Grill Fish, Sotong, Orh Jien and Chee Cheong Fun.
My Verdict: Everything that we ordered were great but since it's an open air food court, it's can be pretty hot for some :)

Newton Food Court
Jalan Parameswara, Melaka.

After seeing so many photos of the food we had, you might think that our food hunt's coming to an end right? I thought so too but I was W.R.O.N.G! Maggie said we are having supper immediately after our dinner!!! =A=

(Thank God we skipped satay celup!)

After riding in the car for about 20-30 minutes, we're here at a Malay village called Medan Ikan Bakar Umbai Pernu. Long name I know.

Sign of the food here is good!

I asked Maggie what's so great about this place and she said that the seafood sold here is extremely fresh and cheap!

I took a look around and realised that there are SO MANY stalls selling the same thing! So how would we know which stall is better than the other? She said yes, all stalls sell the same thing so we just have to look for a stall that sells the freshest seafood and settle for that.

So, when you are out on a food hunt with friends, be sure to bring along a friend who's aunty/uncle enough to know how to differentiate fresh seafood and not :p

Friends doing their job at selecting fresh seafood to be cooked.

Be sure to bargain for a bit (although it's very cheap already but still!) and don't have to be afraid because the people there are all so friendly and nice!

Must ask for the price before placing order! You don't want to end up like the man who paid RM13,000 for eating ikan patin, right? I certainly don't want to appear in the newspaper for such reason! -.-''

Fresh and cheap seafood :D

Our supper - Squid, Fish & Prawns.

Our ultimate favourite was the squid! It's sooooo chewy! The prawns were juicy and big too. Fish was fresh but I prefer fresh fish to be steamed instead of being fried sweet and sour style but unfortunately, the Malays don't do that Chinese style :(

But still nice nonetheless :)

HAHAHAHA Shawn was startled when I caught him candid and we both were laughing non-stop thereafter! After the photo above was posted in FB, he said he looked ugly and others couldn't help but to agree hahahahaha FHL...

Supper: Seafood (Fried Squid, Prawns cooked with Oats and Sweet & Sour Fish).
My verdict: Very fresh and cheap!!!!

Medan Ikan Bakar Umbai Pernu
Pengkalan Umbai, Medan Ikan Bakar Pernu-Umbai,
75460 Melaka

Oh yah! Before we had our dinner, we purposely made a trip back to Dataran Pahlawan shopping mall to buy the famous Mille Crepe in Malacca!!!

As we were in the rush, I did not take any pic of the beautiful but small cafe. However, I guess you can try googling the photos over the net. That's the power of the internet, no? :)

The cafe that sells the famous Mille Crepes in Malacca is none other than Nadeje Patisserie!
Mille Crepes from Nadeje.

I bought 3 slices for my family to savor and the flavours are Mocha (I think! I can't remember it's Mocha, Tiramisu or Coffee actually FML), Original and Strawberry.

My family loves it! They said it's really nice especially the Original one. My friends who went to Nadeje a month later bought a whole (not per slice) Mille Crepe in Coffee flavour! They said that flavour is the best of all! Aren't they insane or something? LOL!!!

Dessert: Mille Crepes.
My verdict: I LIKED IT!!!

Nadeje Sdn Bhd
G-23 & 25, Jalan PM4
Plaza Mahkota, 75000 Melaka
Tel: 06-283 8750

Nadeje Cafe Sdn Bhd
Lot No. UB051, 052 & 053
Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall
Jalan Merdeka, 75000 Bandar Hilir Melaka
Tel: 06-284 3469

When we came back to PJ, we went around hunting for a good Mille Crepe to satisfy our cravings but unfortunately, we were unable to find one that's comparable to the one we had at Nadeje :(

Friends tried the famous Mille Crepes at Food Foundry (Section 17) but they said it isn't nice at all. While we were having dinner at Empire Shopping Mall last month, we bought 4 slices of Mille Crepes from Oprah to try but still, not as good as Nadeje.

I guess we have to make a trip down to Malacca just for a good slice of Mille Crepe!

p/s: I can't wait to see Siok Yim and Shu Yi tomorrow!!! Miss them so much! :D


Alba said...

I love your blog ¡¡¡¡¡ me go away:) a little kiss
from Spain

Jaclyn [Yian] said...

Hi Alba! Thanks for dropping by! I love your dp so much!!! <3

Fleapy said...

That's a really nice and long post about Malacca!
Nice to have a someone to drive you around, the lil roads and one-way around the city can be a lil confusing.
Used to head over to Newton for dinner, wonder if its still awesome now? =)

Jaclyn [Yian] said...

Hi Fleapy! Thanks for dropping by! I hope u enjoyed reading it :)

Many actually said it's easy to navigate around Malacca because you go around the city in a circle but I feel that finding the shop/restaurant that u want there is even harder! So many corners and small lanes in Malacca!

It was my first time at Newton at that time so I can't compare it to before. However, the food that we had at that time was nothing but awesome :)

Fleapy said...

You're welcome!
Exactly, Perhaps for non-locals like us, it's just that difficult!
Great! if it's awesome now. Then its awesome way back before up to even today!

Jaclyn [Yian] said...

Fleapy, should totally pay that place a visit since u haven't been there for a long time! And it's nice to be out of the hustle and bustle of the city once awhile for food and relaxation! :) Do share where are the great places for food because I'm game for anything yummy! :p

Fleapy said...

Yes! I will definitely go back there. I am looking for a superbly long vacation to really relax =)
Hm... great food in Malacca? or you mean anywhere in Msia?

Jaclyn [Yian] said...

Where r u from btw? There are just toooo many good food and restaurants around Malaysia so it's really difficult to recommend.

If u r looking for a relaxing holiday, why not visit to the beaches? I bet they won't disappoint :) I personally prefer Redang, Lang Tengah and Pulau Besar (all at the East of Peninsular Malaysia).

Fleapy said...

Its funny that you suggested the East, because i was from there :)
Redang is great, but last i've been, there weren't really much corals left. And it has become totally commercialized..
still i think its a pretty cool place

Jaclyn [Yian] said...

LOL! I didn't know u r from the East! West part, the popular ones are none other than Penang, Ipoh and Malacca for food. I know how to bring ppl around but I suck at directing :p

Redang is okay n u r right, corals r mostly gone. My fav now are Lang Tengah and Perhentian :) Forget about Tioman LOL!

Fleapy said...

Yea, well essentially =)
Yeah, i dont know very much about iPoh besides their bean sprout noodle or something? its fine, there is gps, google maps today that makes life easier no?

Why forget about Tioman? When i was at Redang, some ppl told me that Tioman is the bomb!

Jaclyn [Yian] said...

I've just posted about the places to eat in Ipoh so u might want to check it out ;)

Tioman isn't that pretty and it's quite polluted and commercialized :(

Candy Wong 王尉溱 said...

Hainanese foond since 60s' in Melaka to recommend.

Heng Hong Tin Kee Restaurant (famous Mutton Herb soup)

Jaclyn [Yian] said...

Wow that's awesomeeeeee!! Thank you so much, Candy :)