Saturday, April 23, 2011

Interesting T-Shirts

Myself, being a little to the plump side (yes, I refused to use the word "fat" wtf), I don't wear sleeveless top so eventually, I'm a BIG FAN of t-shirts and nice tops!

Usually donned in t-shirt with jeans or shorts, I always scout around for a cheeky top that represents me well. Even when I don't speak.

Here are a few of my favourites! I used to have a lot of funny ones but threw all away because I'm getting older and those are too... erm... childish.

T-shirt: Drama Queen Vegas (from Taiwan).

I admit at times I'm a drama queen as well as a party monster.

T-Shirt: I'm not PERFECT but I'm LIMITED EDITION (from Bangkok).

True what!!!

T-Shirt: ABC (from The Curve).

Current fav! So cute, no? :p

T-Shirt: Colonel and Ronald (from Taiwan).

Hahaha I always wear this when I'm feeling cheeky and want to have fun! Looking at that 2 jokers always put a smile on my face :D

Great news to share with all of you who read this site!
F.O.S. is currently having sales and they have a WIDE selection of t-shirts to choose from and some are sooooo cute and pretty!

Buy 2 for RM32. 3 for RM45!

Despite saving money for trips, I can't resist myself and bought 2 pieces for RM32 from F.O.S One Utama!

T-Shirt: Cute Girl (from F.O.S).

I bought it simply because the girl is cute like me WTF.

T-Shirt: Moody Cow (from F.O.S.)

HAHAHAHAHA! The moment I saw this top, I KNEW I'M GETTING IT! I'll be wearing this to work tomorrow and I'm going to tell my colleagues that I'm Moooooooo~ dy.

The cow's face looks damn pissed, I like! :D

Friends who know me long enough are beginning to get me cheeky top like this!

T-Shirt: I Am The Best Girlfriend of the Year (from Bangkok).

Florence bought it for me when she was holidaying in Bangkok and I love it because I agree with the wordings *thick skin*

Later, another friend randomly sent me a link of this t-shirt website that best describes people who love to drink.

Have a look and have a laugh at it because some are so well written and true! I love t-shirts like this!!!

Just in case you might not know, my friends take me as a person who's good in drinking (never got drunk before) and many have the wrong perception that I love to drink but to be honest, I'm just a social drinker.

WHAT?? I swear!!!

Hence I was given the link because he thought it's something that I can relate to. Malaysian readers might not buy because it's in USD but hey, I can share it with my overseas readers right? :)

LOL I bet many will say that they are not drunk but are getting awesome!

This is sooooo funny, damn it I want it in Malaysia NOW!!! In female size! T_T

Check out that site if you guys are interested, okay?

If anyone of you know where I can get nice and funny t-shirts, please let me know! And not to be too expensive too because my bank account is in "recession" at the moment.

And those of you who are reading this, please try to avoid buying the same tops that I have above because I don't want to see people wearing the same shirt as me. Confirm you guys will look better in it than me since I'm bigger in size! T_T

I'm going off to bed now because I have to work tomorrow FML. Need to earn moolah so no choice.

Moooo~ night everybody~


Jared said...

Woah! Interestingly enough I was planning on doing a funny shirt post in the next couple weeks so this was a cool find! Those shirts are hilarious!! except the tiki one (creepy).
I'm a stand-up comedian so check out my blog some time I got funny posts about all kind of things.. Like..pandas, and violence and other thing

oh! ps
theres a really funny t-shirt website called you should check it out if you need more funny shirts!


Jaclyn [Yian] said...

Hi Jared! Thanks for dropping by from U.S.! I've checked out your site and it's hilarious! Even your Pokemon banner is funny!

I absolutely love! So cute and funny! Thanks for sharing ;)


Pearl said...

i just came to your blog by chance and read this post... can i just say, are you crazy???? did you really refer to yourself as "plump"? i dont mean this in a mean way at all, but you should really reconsider your body image, it seems unhealthy. you are NO WHERE NEAR plump or fat.

Jaclyn [Yian] said...

Hi Pearl! Thank you for dropping by as well as commenting. Well, I get where u r coming from and I admit this is something that I have to get rid of from my mind. That's what my friends have been telling me as well but it takes time to embrace it. Truth is, I may not be really plump but I'm a little to the heavier side.

Don't get me wrong. Although I'm a little on the heavier side, I'm still a healthy, happy lady :) I really want to thank u for assuring me that I'm not fat. I need that. Thank youuu! ;)

zZzJJaCk said...

Great post you have there! T-shirts are simple and nice~ By the way there is a local online t-shirt shop with unique meaningful graphics t-shirts, not too expensive also. maybe you can check it out:

Jaclyn [Yian] said...

Cool t-shirt they have there but they're all for guys though! :)

T-Shirt Factory said...

cool shirts, the one with liver is my fav!