Thursday, April 07, 2011

I Can Has Purple Hair!

2 Sundays ago I went to get my hair permed and coloured!

Initially my stylist planned to dye light brown for me like I always had but this time, I kept telling him that I wanted purple. I had ALWAYS wanted to try purple but he never want to dye it for me last year!

In order to make me happy, he reluctantly did it for me and I must say that I liked it :D

Many said that they are not used to seeing me in black hair (it's purplish black) but under the sunlight, I love how the colour turns out to be :)

At least I've tried the colour that I had wanted to try! So even if the world ends next year, I have no regrets wtf.

This is how my hair looks like in indoor.

Yes, it's the boring black hair and I admit I look more mature now T_T

But here's how it looks like under the sunlight!!!

You don't think I'll really stand under the sun to camwhore, don't you? LOL!

The colour is unedited! Love the purple!!!!!!!!! Just admit that you guys like it too!!! :p

However, the colour is beginning to fade to maroon and later, brown I think :( How I wish the purple can stay longer but oh well, not that I'll complain since I was being told again and again beforehand that the colour fades very quickly.

Will update again tomorrow if I don't have to work overtime! ;)

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