Monday, April 18, 2011

Confession Of An Online Shopaholic

I have a confession.

Reason why I'm very broke lately is because I shopped a lot.

Okay, I've cut down on going to the malls because I can't control myself in shopping but the blooming of the internet trend lately is screwing my plan in saving money! And the convenience in making payment (credit card/ Maybank2U/etc) makes our life even easier instead having to queue at the ATM machines to withdraw cash to pay for an item and at risk of being mugged wtf.

I was quite reluctant in sharing this new obsession of mine but since my friends read my blog and I always say "sharing is caring" in front of them, I just have to share this with you guys. Promise once you got hooked to it, treat me to some of it, okay? Deal?

People nowadays go online in search of what they want and what IF I tell you that you can also buy things at more than 50% discount online? Did I get your attention now?

My company has been approached by these few companies for promotions but we turned down because it's not our norm to give so much discounts for our products. However, I've bookmarked their page ever since.

Disclaimer: If you got hooked to these sites like my friends, colleagues and my brother did and you've been spending so much money without realising it, I'm not liable to absorb any of your expenses okay? But feel free to treat me in order to thank me *thick skin*

(Wah... got pretty Thai girl for your viewing pleasure some more!)

To date, I have already bought so many vouchers from these 3 sites such as spas, facials, food, car treatments, etc!!! I bought spa vouchers for friend's birthday and the upcoming Father & Mother's Day!

What other better ways to treat your loved ones than to pamper them with spas+scrubs+massages for hours knowing that they deserved it? I also bought a facial voucher for 2.5hours that includes so many treatments at 93% off! What a steal! Say YAY to greater skin! :p

Since I love to travel so much, I thought MAYBE, just maybe I could google a similar website for great hotel deals! I certainly didn't want to splurge on expensive hotels overseas when I can use the money for shopping, right?

However, I didn't manage to find such website in Malaysia (entrepreneurs who are reading this site, faster tap into this market!!) but I found one site that's similar for my oversea readers! :D

Of course it's difficult to find any website like the above for hotels but Off & Away is similar to Ebay whereby you get to bid for the hotels that you're interested in staying! It takes a lot of patience but it's still awesome isn't it? :D

I realised that I have quite a number of oversea readers so if you're traveling and are looking for great hotel deals, do check out the links provided above ;)

I know you all love Contagious Laughter because I just shared so many great sites with you guys! So, shop away and why pay 100% when you can get things at 50-90% off?

Disclaimer: Every purchase and decision made is at your own discretion. I'm not held liable should you encounter any problems like fraud or poor services because I personally do not own the websites above and everything was based on my personal experience. Just blame your luck LOL!

Do read the comments at their website (if there's any) by customers before making a purchase to ensure pleasurable experience ;) That's what my friends, colleagues, family and I did! Websites without comments, you just have to try your luck!

Happy shopping!


iSaveuSave said...

Thanks for sharing this information. Very interesting. I love shopping online and saving while I do so. You should check out my blog and follow if you please. I also have resources for saving online.

Jaclyn [Yian] said...

Hi! Thanks for dropping by! Have a great day ahead ;)

James Brickman said...

Many deals are available online which are making many persons a shopaholic. These persons keep on doing shopping and also getting many new products easily buy online shopping. Therefore that should be controlled.

Jaclyn [Yian] said...

Hi James! Thank u for commenting! Couldn't agree more ;)