Saturday, April 09, 2011

Colonel & Ronald


Colonel from KFC and Ronald from McDonald can be best friends too! :D

Absolutely love this cute top that I got from Taiwan last year!! And it's really cheap too - I think it's around RM10!

Will do a proper update soon~!


Luis Soler said...

Hi Jaclyn ! Your t-shirt is very cool ! ... i´m new in this ways of blogger ! how i follow your blog ? ... I have many question but only for day haha ... i kiss for you pretty girl :)

Jaclyn [Yian] said...

Hi Luis, thanks for dropping by! I love my t-shirt too :p

Welcome to the blogging world! Although I've been blogging for many years, I was actually "inactive" for sometime before I started to blog again LOL!

On your first question on how to follow my blog, I have no idea hahahaha! Guess u just have to bookmark it instead :p

Have fun blogging~! ;)