Sunday, March 27, 2011

Workshop and My Next Splurge!

I had a wonderful weekend with friends at Genting (thanks to all who came!!! Will blog about it soon!) and just when I thought my Monday would suck badly, I was wrong!

I represented my company to attend a workshop by Suria KLCC and I had so much fun!!

Most of them were either senior executives or managers while I'm the youngest and with the least experience but pawned most of them in Q&A and strategy games (individual and group)! Our team also won the challenge based on my strategy! I'm glad that I contributed and that makes my day!!! :D

Besides, those managers from those big organizations are so friendly and humorous too and we all clicked well together ;)

My great Monday didn't end so soon too!

Eunice was so nice to walk all the way to KLCC to have lunch with me and she walked over again after work to accompany me as I didn't want to get squashed like sardines to take lrt at 5.30pm.

We went for window shopping at Isetan and Bodyshop and she was so evil to introduce this to me...

Body Shop's Japanese Cherry Blossom Eau De Toilette.

It smells soooooo good that I almost wanted to buy it on the spot but I thought I need to save the money to fix my "expired" hair so I put it back *sob*

This is what I'm going to splurge on for next month!!! ROAR!

I think the downside to this is that the bottle looks like a vodka bottle or....

...Minyak angin wtf.

TL babe, can you please tell your company to change the a nicer packaging or something??? I don't want a minyak angin bottle on my shelf wei!

I also realised that I'm a sucker for Cherry Blossom scents because my favourite perfume at the moment is DKNY Fresh Blossom :D I love to buy perfumes because I like to smell good hahahaha wtf who doesn't?

So after our window shopping, we both had steamboat porridge at Jalan Ipoh before she sends me home to my doorstep instead of throwing me off at the nearest lrt station LOL!

This nice girl is still single! In fact, I have many very sweet and nice girls who are still single so anyone want speed dating please email me wtf.

I better hit the sack now because I have to wake up early in the am to head down to KL to get my hair fixed! I hope my stylist don't screw up my hair!! *fingers crossed*

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