Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Where's my BB?

Just a little note to all my friends who so happened did not read my message on Facebook.

My Blackberry is in the factory at the moment.

I know. Shit happens and it happened to me. My BB is only 6 months old and the battery overheats so I'm forced to charge it every 5 hours! The seller advised me to send the phone back to the factory for a thorough check (I bought original and not AP) and now I'm resort to using an old iPhone for the time being.

That means I can't BBM for the next few days! However, I'm still reachable at Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook and MSN anytime ;)

Oh! If you follow me on Twitter (I update my status frequently with many interesting news and happenings without much filtering compared to blogging. Follow me if you didn't!), you'll know that I've cut+permed my hair, dyed it purplish black and my fringe is more mangkuk than before wtf.

I wanted to post a photo up but since the colour is so close to black, I need to have the photo taken directly under the sunlight to show you guys. Truth be told, I admit I'm not quite used to seeing myself in such dark coloured hair because I've had light brown for so many years!

On a positive note, I'm trying to convince myself that being a red head is fun :)

p/s - I want my BB back T_T And I'm considering getting a new iPhone just to... play games. I need to work hard for more moolah!!!

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