Friday, March 18, 2011

Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant, Hulu Langat

Last Sunday I paid this place a visit which took us about 30 minutes (or more as my dad is a slow driver) of drive from Petaling Jaya.

You might wonder why the hell would I come all the way here merely for food?

It's funny. Last week, I was told by 2 colleagues (on 2 different days) that they went to this restaurant with their families that serves AWESOME steamed fish and I just have to give this place a visit. And coincidentally, they both went to same place!!!

So I thought I should totally give this place a try no matter what!

Being a person who plans ahead, especially when I'm the organiser/host, I did a little research from the internet on what dishes to order and what to expect from there.

Being an awesome blogger, here are my personal tips to get there:

1. Drive a 4WD.
2. Don't drive a new car.
3. But don't drive a 10 year old car too.

Reason: The road leading to the restaurant inside is unpaved with a zillion stones that'll probably scratch your car and to make your drive interesting, the road is sibeh steep too!

However, upon arrival, you'll think that this place is worth it ;)

The place looks so cool and serene as it's surrounded by the jungle.

I like this kind of village feel restaurant! Something that you can hardly find in PJ :)

The place is not air-conditioned and has a lot of mosquitoes too. Please be informed!

From the entrance, you'll be greeted by the workers grilling awesome crabs/ squids/ lambs/ etc to serve your tummy.

Looking at this is making me hungry...

Wong mama said on our next round of visit, we shall order this! I CAN'T WAIT! Yes I'm a glutton hence this size LMAO!

There's also a dessert section that serves Mango Sticky Rice and etc.

Here comes the food that we ordered on that day.

Mango Kerabu (RM12)

Looking at the table next to us, Wong papa thinks that their kerabu looks good and wanted to give it a try.

It's actually good to have this as appetizer because it's a bit sourish that opens your appetite. However, we find the kerabu a bit too sour for our liking.

Seafood Tomyam (RM18)

Not bad! Tomyam is flavourful and I like it sour enough plus how fresh the ingredients are. It'll be better if it's spicier though!

Pandan Chicken (RM2.50/pc)

The pandan chicken is well marinated and I liked it! But, Wong papa thinks that the chicken is a little too small for RM2.50.

Side track a bit. My all time favourite pandan chicken is from the William's mamak nearby my house! Their pandan chicken tastes equally good and HUGE. RM2.50 too! However, it has been a year since I last went there so I'm not sure if they've increased the price or the size has changed or not.

Paku belacan (Big - RM15)

Nothing to rave about. Something that you can get at almost all restaurants.

BBQ Lamb (RM15)

I loved it!!! Although it doesn't look good in the picture but let me tell you, the meat is so tender and well marinated. I wished we ordered a big portion instead :(

Some might find it too sweet (eg. Wong papa again!) but I think it's just nice!

And so, the main dish of the day is this!!!

Thai Style Lime Steamed Tilapia (RM30)

Since they rear the fishes there and capture it to cook for us after we placed our order, it is understood that the fish is really fresh and the way the steamed it with their sweet and spicy sauce, this thing is simply delicious!

Even until today, my little brother and I still miss this fish and would like to go back again for it.

From the review over the internet, many bloggers prefer Salted BBQ Fish over this Thai Style Steamed Fish - to which I'm really tempted to try but thanks to my elder brother who doesn't take fish, parents thought 2 dishes of fish are a little too much :(

Maybe next time!

Finally, to end our lunch, brother wanted to try Mango Sticky Rice because, sadly, none of us in the family have tried before.

Mango Sticky Rice (RM8)

I was worried we might get a sour mango because that's what my colleague got when she ordered this dessert. Lady luck was on our side as we got a super sweet mango~!

The sticky rice was okay. The coconut milk was a little too watery though. Still, I enjoyed it thanks to the sweet mango ;)

My brother's friend.

More advises for you guys who might want to give this place a try - go during the day. Preferably lah.

I heard that it's really crowded during dinner hour whereby you'll have to wait to secure a table. Besides, the rocky roads leading to this restaurant is narrow, steep and without any street lights! So it's quite dangerous!!! Not that I question your driving skills but you'll never know if other drivers are as skillful as you are, right?

If you were to go at night, be ready to battle with mosquitoes! I went during the day and I came home with many fresh new bites so yea, I guess it'll be worse at night.

On a positive side, my colleagues said it's prettier at night (but you can't see the pond, the forest and all in the dark!) so you decide ;) I might want to go at night for a try too!

Restaurant Thai Fish Farm
Km 4, Jalan Ampang Hulu Langat,
68000 Ampang, Selangor
Tel:017-251 5235, 019-260 6493

To get there, you'll have to go up the hill to Ampang Look-Out Point, pass by that place (which will be on your right) and go further for another few kilometers and you'll see an entrance on your right with the restaurant's signage as well as a few fake firecrackers.

Happy exploring~! :)

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