Friday, March 11, 2011

New Banner, Layout & Colour!

This may sound embarrassing but I have no idea how to transfer all my comments from Haloscan to this new template -_- I have been using Haloscan for years so my comments are all there and now my blog seems so empty without any!

I guess everything should start afresh including this?

12:00am - It's finally up!!!

It has been a long, long time since I last did such a big revamp on my blog! Back then, I was either too lazy or couldn't be bothered at all. What's more, I have to deal with HTML codes as all these available templates weren't there for me to choose from. Now everything is so easy!

This is the banner that took me an hour to do in my office while the layout, colour and font adjustments took me another 1 hour to complete.

You like it??? I LOVE IT!

Initially I wanted to have the maroon and white combination but I thought maroon is a bit too "fierce" and it'll make my blog looks dark. I wanted something bright and happy hence this outcome :)

I'm going to stick to this for some time.

I'm going to bed smiling now~

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