Monday, March 14, 2011

Jaclyn Bakes: Chocolate Fondant

What did I baked lately?

Chocolate Fondant.
What a sinful indulgence...

It was a special request from my little brother as he lovessss the Chocolate Fondant from Cafe Barbera and instead of paying so much each time he craves for it, I might as well bake it myself!

I'm not being a cheapskate. Instead, take it as an unconditional love I have for my brother wtf.

After I've baked for him, he loved it so much so that he's practically asking me to bake this for him every single week!!! I am happy because he enjoys eating what I bake but at the same time, I'm lazy too!

Chocolate Fondant (or some might call it Chocolate Lava/Lava Cake/Chocolate Volcane, etc) is really easy to bake but there are too many recipes over the net and after running through a few recipes, I picked 1 that I deemed as the best and amended a little.

Last week, my manager (who runs a cafe) tried and taught me how to make this sinful little thing even better! Now my Chocolate Fondant is reaching a new height and I certainly can't wait to try it out! :p


Plabuk Hunter said...

mine giving me the recipe?

Jaclyn [Yian] said...

Sure! Email me at :)

However, just to let u know that the baking temperature and time are VERY tricky! U got to bake it a couple of times to make it right (depending on your oven)!

Anonymous said...


Love your blog and i like to bake too. Do you mind to share me the recipe? Would love to try them for my family. :) Thanks.