Sunday, March 13, 2011

Barbecue Night

I had a great barbecue night with uni friends last November!

That's right. It's about 4 months ago LMAO!

Initially I thought of giving this entry a pass but it was such a great night with the beloved ones so I guess it's better to be late than never! In fact, I'll slowly post up some outdated entries in the next couple of day hahahaha FYL!

Shu Yi, Siok Yim, Angie and I started our day slightly earlier by visiting to the Tesco Cheras for some grocery shopping! Have I mentioned to you before that I love shopping for groceries?

Then, we're back to Shu Yi's house for labour work to start work! That's me squatting and looking un-glam for setting up the barbecue pit. At least I have proof that I helped out!!! :D

Third picture is Boon Leng using the traditional way of starting the fire - by using his mouth HAHAHAHAHA. And as you can see from the photo, he's working hard. Real hard. Because using mouth is tiring LOL!!!

These 2 are the ones who worked the hardest that night in making our tummy happy. Thank you! :D

Just to clarify, we actually invited 2 guys over but the other guy... Sigh... I shall save this joker's face and story later in this entry.

The awesome good food we had that night. Shu Yi's parents were so kind to buy some 'lemang' and fried beehoon from pasar malam for us! That's why we have so much to eat :)

We even bought Taiwanese sausages and sweet corns!


Not only she's pretty, she has a good sense of humour too!

Love this photo edited by Siok Yim!

She thinks this photo is sweet so she edited it to look even sweeter~ ^^

Angie, Jee Meei, Boon Kee, Siok Yim and Boon Leng.

Another photo edited by Siok Yim! All of us had so much fun!

We played musical chair wtf.

No, that's obviously a joke. Trust me.

Told you that they both worked hard that night :)

We worked hard too. In eating *paiseh*

Shu Yi's mummy was so kind to cook us some dessert too! Mad awesome parents she has!!!

He is the joker who came really late!!! Apparently Jensen was eating satay in Kajang with his friends before he came over wtf.

I think he didn't want to barbecue those stuff so he came late to eat only. So as a revenge, we forced him to gobble down all the leftover chicken wings! He said he won't be touching chicken for the next couple of days hahahahahaha...

Boon Leng was another joker who perfected his skills in barbecuing marshmallows at the end of the dinner when all of us were stuffed. He went around with that skewer asking us to eat his perfectly barbecued marshmallows T_T

The dinner ended at about 11+ and I stayed back for a beer session chat with Shu Yi till 1+ in the morning. It was really a great and fun night with all these humorous people. Let's do this more often, shall we? ;)

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