Friday, January 14, 2011

Hello from Pattaya!

I just came back from Taiwan about 2 months ago and I'm on a holiday again. This time I went to Bangkok and Pattaya!

Shopping, food and the people there are great! I can't wait to share my experience there with you guys soon after my peak season!

I know it seems like I've stopped blogging lately because I really couldn't fit in the time to blog because I'm spending a lot of time on work and social life :( But anyhow, thank you to those who still frequent here everyday :)

Here's a warm and sunny greeting to you awesome people from Pattaya!

I've gained a little weight and got a little tan from my Bangkok trip but I guess that proves how awesome my trip was so I'm not going to complain :p Like, what's the point of not eating their local delicacies or hiding away from the sun all the time when you are on a holiday? You can always go on a diet anytime, no?

It's really late now and I'm back to work today so I'm going to bed now otherwise I'll be sleeping in the office!

Update soon~
Good night!

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