Sunday, December 05, 2010

Before you starting commenting on how the Gold Christmas banner's colour clashes with my overall pink template, just let me admit it first.

I do think it's weird too but I'm really lazy to edit the template just for these 2 weeks and then revert it back to the usual one. Tedious work. Urgh.

Anyhow, you like my Christmas banner? :D

I actually created a few Christmas banners hastily for company's website hence it's rather simple. Not to mention that a couple of the banners were actually being rejected and only these few managed to make it to the final round LMAO!

Here goes~!

This is actually my favourite among the lot!

I like it how the gold looks glam and I also like the snowman in the glass ball :) However, GM thought this doesn't stand out that much so this was being rejected!

Second favourite!

This is very outstanding and yea, this banner is up in the website!

I know I should be putting this as my banner instead as it matches the overall template's colour but I find it rather plain. I only liked the cute snowman :p

I actually thought it's nice to put some hanging Christmas balls there! I'm a genius!!!

I have no idea why I did this. I don't even like the pink -_-

But my GM loves pink and I was secretly praying that she'll stop rejecting my work and accept this instead because all my other work was pending just to draw for her!

I'm not even a designer and neither did I ever receive any lesson on designing! At times, I think she's being pretty unfair+harsh to criticize my work for being ugly T_T And each time she says that, I feel like telling her to employ an in-house designer for god's sake!

Christmas is coming up in 2 weeks! Plan things ahead and have a great celebration this year peeps! I wish my friends are going to plan up something so that I can tag along :p I'm busy during this festive season so it's not advisable to leave the plannings to me as I might just screw it up :(

Gosh it's late! Off to my slumber land and shall update soon! So many entries pending but so little time!

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