Thursday, November 04, 2010

I've got bangs now!

As promised, here are 2 photos of my new haircut! It took me quite a fair bit of courage to post this up because most of my colleagues said that I look funny!!!

If you must laugh, try not to laugh so much, okay? T_T

Jaclyn with bangs :p

If you ask me, I personally love this new look of mine! I don't really care what people say about my hair but it's a bit annoying when people are laughing at me on a daily basis -_-

Some said it's funny and need sometime to get used to. Some really like this new look of mine because I look much younger now! YAY! :D

Oh, some said this bangs help to accentuate my eyes further and make it stand out even more. Really?

Cuter and younger, no? *thick skin*

The great thing about this hair is that I can leave it as bangs or sweep it to the side according to my mood. At this moment, I'm going to stick to bangs because the last time I had this was back in kindergarten I think.

You know when you get older, you tend to go back to the past wtf.

So when you see a person with mangkuk hair walking around One Utama or anywhere in PJ, please do not laugh in front of my face can? T_T Laugh at least 10meters away!!!!

This is a scheduled post. At this moment, I should be having great fun invading people's country with my darlings :D

Have a great week ahead :)

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