Monday, October 25, 2010

A (Long) Glimpse Into My Daily Life

It's Monday, feeling a little blue and brain not functioning at its tip top condition, I think it's best for me to blog some random photos taken some time back instead. I've checked. The oldest photo was taken back in August LMAO!

Seriously, blogging random photos is a good idea because it kinda summarizes my life for the past few months instead of having to write each and every entry for it :p

Happy things first!
I received the red bomb from my closest colleague! It's funny that I'm always so excited when people are getting married. For instance, I was once told by my customer who came to purchase wedding gift from our outlet by saying, "How come you are more excited than I am? I'm the one getting married! Hahahaha..."

I don't know man! I always feel happy for others :D

Now you know my name in Chinese!

Cute wedding invitation card from Mei Ling :)

I'm not going to post the photos up yet because I think her wedding deserves an entry to itself!

Weeks after our Genting trip (to which I have yet to blog I know T_T), Jeremy invited us to his house for dinner because he was in the mood to cook but our friends weren't free to attend due to the last minute notice, I went ahead anyway.

Jeremy... I'm such a good friend, no???

His house wasn't easy to find and I'm clueless about Cheras area as well, I asked over the phone if he lived in the jungle or something LMAO! You know I'm joking only right? XD

Jeremy (left) invited 3 other friends for dinner as well - 2 boys and Sue Jean (not in pic).

It doesn't feel too good to be the oldest person there that night T_T

To his credit, this dude can certainly cook! ;)
(He's still AVAILABLE ladies!!!)

Those who still don't know about this old news, I'm going to announce here again about my greatest debt by far thanks to this new toy!!!


Yes I got myself a BlackBerry 9700 in White!

Ever since I got this new toy, I realised that my phone is around me all the time wtf. Tweeting has been so frequent and convenient ever since! *blush*

Come come come... Have a look at my baby again....

Oh~ so beautiful like its owner WTF!

Don't ask why white okay. Everyone knows my stuff are either white, red or pink LOL~

Ever since I got this baby, I took many random photos in my daily life! 90% of the photos in this entry are taken with my BlackBerry ;)

Colleague bought this from Sri Petaling for us to try!

No idea what it is called in English but we called it as "kai wo pau" in Cantonese. No freaking idea what it means either because my Cantonese is so powderful hahahaha.

It contains loh mai kai inside and this yummy thing costs RM5 and guarantee you'll be full until you don't want to eat anymore dimsum.

Oh! Buy 10 free 1 by the way ;)

One fine day, a colleague bought an Oreo Cheesecake from her friend and treated all of us to a slice each :D

Oreo Cheesecake!

The thing about working in the F&B industry and having colleagues who enjoy food so much is that you'll grow fat within a short period of time T_T

I also got a thank you gift from our temporary staff!

I felt so bad to receive it because I don't think I taught her much and I always asked her to do petty things for me wtf.

Parker pen from company!

You can see my company's name is engraved on it with don't know how many years of international warranty some more.

Before you guys say this, let me admit this myself - I know I kept getting gifts and free food from people kekekeke...

If you follow me closely on Twitter, you'll see me tweeting about the free food and stuff that I get from people all the time LOL!

Awesome dry bak kut teh at Kota Damansara!

If you are a BKT lover, you'll know about this famous dry BKT restaurant in Klang that opened their second branch in Puchong. Now it's their third in Kota Damansara! It's getting nearer and nearer to me muahahaha...

After the meal, we hopped over to the newly opened Snowflake - which located just a few doors away from the BKT restaurant!
Snowflake at Kota Damansara!

Now we don't have to travel all the way to Subang Jaya for it anymore :D


I also crashed my friend's friend birthday party 2 months ago! Hahahaha...

I didn't intend to at first but Shawn said he owed me a birthday meal (that came a month late!) so he asked me to join the party as I've met his friends once before. Initially he told me that it'll be a small party around 4-5 people but I.GOT.DECEIVED!

Upon arriving, I was shocked to see so many people there! 15 pax in total O_O

Dinner at Full House, Sunway Giza.

Thank goodness all of them are sooooooo friendly and humorous so I don't really feel awkward that night.

After dinner at Full House, we adjourned to the nearest bar for a drink. Forgot the name of the place though paiseh =x

Found this on my table after lunch one day.

Seriously, it's funny that on and off there'll be people buying stuff for me and put on my table when I'm not around. It happened a couple of times already and I find it pretty creepy because I don't know who that person is -_-'''

I'm that type of person who prefers direct approach (not aggressive until I want to kick your nuts lah of course) instead :)

Dinner with secondary school friends after work at Marche, The Curve!

People who came that night were Shawn, Mei Gee, Siok Yee, Siew Ling and Yoke Man!!! YOKE MAN CAME WEI WTF MUST BUY LOTTERY ALREADY LOL!!!

Dad brought us to eat at this famous beef noodle in KL again :D

Generous portion of beef served. Yum!

Wan tan hor is pretty good too!

This lam yu pai kuat is sibeh niceeeeeee!!!!

Colleague who went back to Sabah bought this cute pen for me ^^

I know, I got free stuff again *shy*

Whacked sushi like nobody's business at Sushi King during their RM2 promotion for card members 2 weeks back. You think the 5 of us ate just that few plates in front? Look at that stack of plates behind LMAO!!!

Camwhore when you feel good about yourself :p

On that day, there's this weirdo who approached me out of a sudden and uttered a few words like ,"Wow you are so pretty. I hope you'll remember me when I meet you next time". Thank goodness he left before I cursed wtf.

My colleagues laughed like nobody's business before they think my life is so interesting FML.

New clutch purse from Carlo Rino!

Special promotion on 10.10.10!

Too bad if you didn't follow me on Twitter because I revealed the price there :p I loveeeee my clutch so much!!! Now I'm hoping for a dinner to attend so that I can use my new clutch XD

Darling Florence got me a new top from Bangkok!

I think I am :p *thick skin*

The colour is so sharp, I LIKE!!!

She also got me a devil key chain! Maybe she thinks I'm a devil in disguise? LOL~

Whatever the reason is, I LOVE BOTH THE SOUVENIRS THAT SHE GOT FOR ME!!! I heart all my girlssss sooooooo much!!!

Last Friday, I joined Eunice, Jack and Ayu (who is a guy wtf) for dinner at Sea Park and look at the amount of food we ordered!!!


We seemed like refugees that night.

On Saturday, I followed Eunice and Boon Kee dear to study at Taylor's Lakeside Campus's Starbucks :) Since I'm pretty familiar with that place (been there a few times as my company have an outlet there as well as being a "tour guide" by bringing people over before), I brought them over!

They were studying hard while I... erm... drama-ing hard... :p

That night after dinner at Amcorp Mall, Eunice car died and my knight in shining armor came all the way to rescue us. After "resuscitating" Eunice's car, we left in different cars and 15mins later, Boon Kee called saying that Eunice's car died in the middle of NPE highway.

Being a good girl friend (scroll up to read my pink top again), my knight and I drove over to find these 2 girls because we were quite worried for them as it was late already at that time.

Eunice was soooo upset because it's going to cost her a bomb to fix her car and she felt bad for troubling so many people that night.

Don't worry girl, this is what friends are for ;)
Just treat us to a meal can already LMAO!

After waiting for 2 hours in the middle of the highway and sweating away, we entertained ourselves by chatting and joking around to lighten up everybody's mood. My knight kept making jokes to make these 2 girls laugh some more!

I realised that he tends to crack more jokes when he's around my girl friends okay! When I'm around my guy friends, he always show black face 1 lor!!! Hmph!

Sending Eunice's car to ICU.

All these while I thought tow car comes very quickly when accident/incident happens but that night it took this joker 2 hours to come! I think he went for a round of bak kut teh before coming over wtf.

But anyway, Boon Kee's parents came as well so they sent Eunice home safely that night :)

I can't believe I took 2 hours to upload photos and write this entry! Time to hit the sack!

Good night darlings and I hope you guys enjoyed reading this random entry of mine :p

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