Thursday, October 28, 2010

I do think that....

... red colour is my thing :p

Don't you think so too?

To update you guys, I no longer have fringe like above!

I just cut bangs and it's pretty short some more hahahahahaha!!! I think I got infected by Mun Keat's disease because I know I don't look too good in it but I sincerely think I look damn funny now LOL!!!

On a positive note, at least I'm adventurous! I can't bear to take photos of myself yet but maybe when the fringe gets longer, I might share the photos with you all :D

And many people said I look much younger and cuter now wtf. I know I don't suit the cute image but whatever! I look YOUNGER okay so it's all that matters because throughout my life people said I tend to look older than my real age, yeah, FML baby.

I repeat, I like my mangkuk hair okay! Don't laugh at me!! If you miss my old fringe, scroll up and look at my older pics instead :p

p/s - Eh really what goes around comes around! I called Mun Keat "mangkuk hair" and look what happened to me now wtf.

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