Monday, September 27, 2010

My Birthday 2010

This entry came 1.5 months late LOL!

Can't help it because August all the way till September was my peak period so I procrastinated from writing it was too busy to blog :p

I have always been that sort of person who enjoys simple birthday celebration with friends and even without anything extravagant but as long as I have friends with me, that's more than enough :) I bet many share the same thought as me too!

Last year I have a few very memorable things that my friends did for me and I didn't bother to blog about it because I did not capture any photos during those moments. For instance, I have a friend who baked me Tiramisu cake and waited outside of my house (with the cake) till the clock strikes 12 just to surprise me. It was his first time baking the cake and it was really good! ;) *touching part 1*

Another friend purposely went to learn how to play birthday song on guitar and played it to me over the phone. *touching part 2*

MAD ROMANTIC RIGHT??? I feel so blessed to have friends who treat me like a "somebody" to them rather than some "Hi-Bye" friend ^.^

This year was yet another simple celebrations with friends and family! I got my favourite Tiramisu cake!!!! :D

Yes, Alexis's Tiramisu is officially my favourite Tiramisu cake :)

So rich, so flavourful and oh, so sinful~

How old am I??? Secret wtf.

2 early birds :D

Boon Kee, the girl I got to know in Australia and subsequently went to her house to stay overnight hahaha it sounds so wrong here wtf.

Yung Hui, my old friend from HELP UC :p

Finally came Siok Yim! The girl whom you are required to have tonnes of fate to hang out with because she's always being booked by her friends xD

That means I'm a somebody to her because she was the one who asked me out to celebrate my birthday *touching part 3*

Shu Yi was the latest to arrive because she came all the way after work from her office in Pluto *touching part 4*

Four of us were famished so in order to prove that to her, we took this photo!

"Shu Yi, we are SO hungry!" *waiting with chopsticks in hand*

Actually I was the one who forced Siok Yim to take this unglamorous photo with me *paiseh*

And she finally arrived!!! :D

She was trying to start a fire but somehow, she scared our poor Boon Kee LMAO.


And more food with garlic rice! Looking at this in the middle is such a bad idea. It's making me hungry T_T

Them again.

Eh, Siok Yim arguably has the BEST skin among my friends! Her skin is so smooth that I can't see her pores lor. Another friends of mine, Rachel, has equally nice skin as Siok Yim but Rachel is slightly darker so yea....

...Siok Yim wins xD

Artistic shot by Yung Hui LOL.

I think this photo of Yung Hui is quite nice so I shall end with her photo!

Thank you so much to all my friends who bought me presents, dinners, cakes as well as birthday wishes!!! This year I had so many free dinners that's why I'm getting fatter day by day wtf.

Those who treated me to dinner/hung out with me to celebrate my birthday but did not take any photos simply because we "forgot", thank you so much! I'm not sure whether to post up photos of my birthday presents or not because I'm afraid that my friends might mind :)

My high school darlings were the first batch to celebrate my birthday by treating me to Korean food and bday cake! Thanks a lot *muaksssss*

Thank you to Shawn for the super belated birthday dinner last Friday LMAO! It came 1.5 months late but it's the thoughts that count ;)

Finally, to those friends whom I put in effort to celebrate your bday but you did not give a damn about mine (and by that I mean not even wishing me at all wtf), at least I know what type of friends you people are. I have too many lousy friends la seriously so from now on, those who treated me this way, I'm not going to pay for your bday presents+dinners+cakes okay.

Must give and take right? Why must I always be the who gives but never receives???

Moreover I'm damn broke now so this gives me a reason to save more money :p Birthday dinners I'll still attend but imma pay for my own meal only hahahaha. Don't complain because I certainly don't owe you anything! At least I make an effort to celebrate your bday and it's the thoughts that count, right? xD

Enough of being a fool after all these years. Time to stand up for myself instead of feeling bad for not buying friend's bday presents or dinners.

Time to sleep! Came back not long ago from a new cafe in ss2 called Wings and love the environment there! Food and drinks are okay, not very cheap though :)

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