Monday, September 13, 2010

Mid Valley's Raya Preview for Medias

Since Raya is here, I shall post these photos taken a month ago in conjunction to this festive Raya at Mid Valley.

It was a very last minute when I was asked to attend Mid Valley's Raya Preview for Medias and we have to dress in baju Raya! Left with barely 2 days to borrow kebaya from my colleagues or friends, I was left without a choice but to dig out my own money to buy a whole set instead.

Damn sad right?

Fine. It wouldn't be so bad if it doesn't cost me more than RM100 and I can't find any other day to wear it again! It'll be a little too much to wear it to office on Friday, isn't it? :(

I must admit that I really love my kebaya!

I love the colour, I love the details and I love the fact that it fits me so perfectly well that everyone thought it's tailor-made instead of ready-made :p

(I know the photos are "dusty". I'll ensure that I wipe my mirror clean before taking photos next time *shy*)

It took me more than an hour to try on all the colours of the kebayas available before I settled for this colour. The salesgirls was so excited that they kept encouraging me to try on a few pieces and subsequently model for their customers to see FML!

I helped them to sell off a few sets of kebayas some more okay!!! Never give me discount for modeling some more wtf.

Mum said this kebaya is worth buying because it's really pretty, quality is good and the details are very nice too. So I guess it's worth every cents paid after all :)

Perhaps the downside is that the sarong is a little too loose T_T

I'm already wearing S size! Imagine that! I'm fat and yet I'm wearing S. I wonder what size my skinny girls are going to wear O_O Confirm cannot buy ready-made.

Make up was kept to the minimal with just foundation, blusher and lip gloss :)

I met up with quite a few people from MV and the first thing MV's Marketing Director said to me was, "Wah! You are so fair!" instead of "Hi, nice to meet you" T___________T

Another girl came up to me and said, "I really liked your kebaya! You look really nice in kebaya although you are a Chinese".

Wow that's really random. Thank you so much to all the people who were being so nice and sweet on that day :)

Since the function was for the medias, of course I got photos taken by photographers by I don't know which newspapers/magazines.

I even got interviewed by RTM1! I swear I have no idea what I was talking about because it was so sudden with so many people watching and I was freaking nervous. All I can remember was the girl kept saying that I did well, she really liked my interview and she'll definitely use my clip FML.

Initially I kept rejecting her offer to be interviewed because I wasn't in the mood to talk but she kept insisting that she won't necessarily use my clip lor! Got conned wtf.

Thank goodness none of my friends and colleagues watch RTM1 LOL!

I don't really wish to elaborate further on the event because I kinda find it boring. I guess the whole function is quite a success and I love the fact that I get to know a few corporate people and local artists as well ;)

This booth that offered free caricature was really popular on that day!

That guy in dark blue baju melayu on the left has great sense of humor and he never fails to entertain me throughout the event! Loveeeeee people with great sense of humour! :D

Shall end this entry here. Salam Aidilfitri and back to work today! *sob*

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