Monday, August 02, 2010

I posted a pic of my newly permed hair back then but I realised that I forgot to put up Eunice aka Yung Hui's new hairstyle too!

We went to get our hair done together last month because we both realised that we really needed a new hairstyle. Me, for instance, desperately in need of a new haircut due to the split ends. Will you trust me if I say that I did not visit to a saloon for more than a year?

Eunice's new funky hairdo.

I always admire her for her guts as she's always willing to try something new including hairstyles. Among my friends, she's the only person who changes her hairstyle the most!

High tea at the T-Bowl restaurant.

Yeap. The place where I encountered the hamsap lou in my previous entry wtf.

Super heavy toilet bowl. Not exactly comfortable to sit on for a long period of time. Trust me. =_=

Isn't it cute??? :D

Bath tub mushroom soup.

Speaking of food, I actually have many photos of good food but I'm going to save some for the next time and post some up instead.

Weeks ago I went to Sea Park for the famous....

...loh pan mee.

Soooo delicious and the coffee shop is always packed with people and we always have to wait to be seated :(

The best part about this is that I forgot the name of the restaurant and also the address to that place LMAO. This photo was taken so long ago! It's located near to the KFC in Sea Park. Okay, to redeem myself, bring me there and I shall be your food tour guide! How about that? ;)

But you got to foot all the bills though hahaha FYL. No free lunch in this world!

Besides, I also went all the way to Taman Desa just to have my favourite bowl of fish head noodle *big shiny eyes*


If I have the time, I'm going to attempt to cook the fish head noodle. It has been so long since I last cooked :( If you know of any places that offer very yummeh fish head noodle, please bring me there!!!

I promise to pay for your chinese tea ice! Okay? Deal? :p

On a random odd night, Shu Yi, Eunice and I went out for a drink because Shu Yi was supposed to leave us for 2 months to serve our country. She said our country "needs" her hence she was summoned back for NS. But this girl got discharged after serving our country for merely a week due to asthma! O_O

We went to Alexis in Bangsar! As I read a few food blogs, bloggers highly recommend Alexis's Pavlova and Tiramisu!

A slice of Pavlova.

It looks extremely pretty on the outside but after having a bite, it's a slice of creamy sugar cake wtf. Seriously, the 3 of us shared 2 slices of cakes and we can't bear ourselves to finish Pavlova =.='''

HOWEVER, the 3 of us LOVEEEEEEE Alexis's Tiramisu!

Alexis's Tiramisu is love~!

My personal advise is, skip the sauce because it's too sour for my liking. Not wise to let something so strong in taste ruining something sooooo gooooooood, right?

It costs around RM15 and I bought a slice home for my brother and mummy to share and at the end of the night all they asked was, "Something so good, why did you buy just 1 slice only?"

OMG HELLO? Not cheap okay??? T_T

By the way, Shu Yi, I know you'll be reading this. It seems like our meet up at Alexis was really "extra" since you got out so fast LOL~! xD

Before the clock strikes 12...

Happy 22nd Birthday to Siok Yim!!!

Love you babe because you ffk-ed me 2-3 times in these few months time LMAO. Jkjk. I hope you had a blast :)

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