Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to myself!!!

I'm officially 23 years old and I'm enjoying every bit of myself growing up into becoming a lady wtf. I know I did not write an entry for my 22nd birthday last year because I realised that I always failed to capture those sweet moments in my life so all is left to serve as beautiful memories in my mind instead.

I can just describe it but you know I'm never good with words.

But I'll try to summarize what happened this year and last year okay? :) Seriously, nothing extravagant or happening (but sweet to me :)) like superstar's birthday parties but only simple dinners with people who matter to me only.

Or people who think that I matter to them because they are the ones who planned things out for me.

Funny thing is, as I grow older I don't ask for extravagant celebrations anymore. But never say never so who knows I might want to throw a big birthday bash in future? Say.... my 25th birthday? (The number 24 tak "ong" wtf).

I shall save my birthday entry the next time! Seriously I have a few super outdated entries pending but I'm just too lazy to write like my birthday (first priority lol), 2 outings with friends, Pulau Ketam trip, discovering Putrajaya (I know I promised to write about this before but I've forgotten about it T_T) and finally, sneak peak of me in baju kebaya!

I bought a set of kebaya for the Midvalley function and I also tweeted about people's comment on me wearing it before and after the function so those who are not following me in Twitter, too bad because I don't think I'll be repeating every single things that I wrote there.

Here is a picture of one of the cakes I had this year :)

It's my favourite!!!!!
Take a wild guess! :D

I think I better deliver my promises this time around because I feel bad to all my friends who are still reading this blog and haven't given up on me yet *touched*

As you can see, I've been blogging lesser lately due to my work. I use PS a lot at work and part of my job is to update my company's website so the last thing I'd want to do is to edit MORE photos and blog T_T

This time I'll really try to deliver! Promise!

p/s - It's pouring now and I'm having gastric! Couldn't get any sadder than this...

p/p/s - Viewership has increased lately! What happened? Does that mean that the lesser I blog, the more people will come back? FML T_T

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