Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Cutest question of the week:

Colleague: Jackie, which brand of blusher are you using? The one you are using now because the colour is pretty.

Me: O_O Erm... erm... It's natural lah.

Colleague: Got a brand called Natural?

Me: No! I mean, I didn't put any blusher!!! My cheek turns pink when I'm feeling hot (I just came back from lunch) so it's natural hahahaha. Sorry I don't know where can you 'buy' it...

Colleague: Serious??? How come when you feel hot, only your cheek turns pink and not your whole face?

Me: I also don't know how to answer that question of yours... =.='''

I think my close and old friends should know very well that my face turns red/pink easily when I'm feeling hot. I'm not even lying!

Anyone wants to buy my natural "blusher"? LMAO.

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