Monday, July 05, 2010

A New Hairdo!

Yes! You are reading that right ;)

I just got my hair permed and dyed by the professionals! Like, FINALLY after procrastinating for more than 6 months wtf. Do you like it?


Photo is unedited because I think they lighting is bright enough (ignore the pimples because no make up wtf) and I'm in the rush anyway. I love how my hair looks like and how nice the colour of my hair is now :D

Photo doesn't do my hair justice because the colour is lighter in real life than in picture :(

My hair hasn't been THIS short in such a long, looong time! It feels great because my hair is lighter and healthier now after chopping off all the split ends.

The hairstylist who did my hair is such a funny person who kept me entertained for more than 5 hours LMAO! Other than him, the rest of the guys are nice and humorous too so I don't feel that sitting there for more than 5 hours was a torture. And of course, I have a great companion who kept me entertained as well ;) Right my dear??

Shall post photos of my hair under the sunlight next time!

Got to end abruptly here. Hehe.

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