Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Latest Pink Addition to the Family

A couple of days ago, one of the manager borrowed my mouse and never return it to me *pissed*

So I asked our despatch boy to buy me a small and simple mouse because it's difficult to draw with the laptop's touchpad. And this boy got me the cutest mouse he can find in the shop!!!

He got me a PINK DORAEMON mouse can you believe it? Me, Jaclyn Wong, is using a pink Doraemon mouse in the office! So much for being a professional =_= I asked him why he got me a pink mouse and he casually and excitedly said that he likes Doraemon a lot so he got that for me.

*vomits blood*

I mean, no doubt the mouse is cute and it has gotten me a lot of attention because many ladies actually liked it and kept asking me where to buy it but... it's.... pink.... and it's... Doraemon... T_T

I'm going show you my sibeh cute mouse don't worry.

What I like about it is that it won't get dirty :D

When it's untouched, the light is blue in colour.

So when you move it, it turns to...


It's cute and pretty but if given a choice, I'd want a red mouse instead :p

My messy workstation.

Yes I'm using 4 thumb drives for work wtf. Can't help it when you are given probably the worst laptop ever existed on earth where it'll lag or hang (depending on its mood -_-) if you install or save too many things inside so I'm left without a choice but to put most of my files in the thumb drives *vomits blood again*

What to do when my company is so... kiamsiap? Only managers can use brand new and latest gadgets lor hmpf!!!

If you like my mouse pad and would like to know where I got it from, sorry but I have no idea! My MD gave 1 each for all the female colleagues in the office so I'm clueless where she bought it from :(

I know my stuff are cute and very colour coordinated! I love seeing all my cute/pretty things in the same colour. It makes me happy ^^

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