Saturday, May 01, 2010

FML of the day:

I walked passed a beggar at Kelana lrt and found out that the mug he used to beg for money is the same fucking mug I use in my office. For drinking that is. I immediately went to buy a new one from KLCC before anyone realises our similarity wtf.


My work requires me to be creative so I think I'm being forced getting better at PS for the sake of my work. I've designed quite a few posters for my company but the latest ones are these.

What do you think?

I think I did improve, haven't I? :p

This was my favourite poster but it got rejected :(

I have to re-create another one which is much simpler...

For your information, I did everything from scratch! I know there's a lot to improve on but I think it isn't too bad for someone who's not creative and not in the design major right? T_T

I don't have much time to spend on designing as well as I have other works to do so I did everything quickly and I just plugged in whatever idea that comes into my mind LOL!

Please don't mind about the big watermark because this is to prevent people from re-using/stealing the poster - which is something I'm afraid of since this is part of my company's promotion mechanic. Everything is originally from me so I hope our poster doesn't have duplicate(s) over the net -_-

Those who are very good with PS, care to share some great techniques with me? My skills are still very poor :(

Happy Labour's Day wtf!

Everyone shouldn't be working today and just be a lazy person like me today! :p

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