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The Final CNY Entry - Chap Goh Mei 2010

Just for your information, this blog is not dead yet.

And honestly speaking, I'm still surprised that there are still people reading this blog despite the lack of updates :p I don't care if the hits dropped but as long as I still have people reading, I will keep writing :)

Final entry about CNY!

On the last day of CNY, which was the Chap Goh Mei, friends decided not to miss the chance of grabbing the last ang pau from my house so they decided to drop by for a visit :)

(Photos are unedited because I don't have the time so some are pretty dark)

They didn't come empty-handed! So surprised they brought stuff over. Next time no need lah so paiseh!

The jokers.

This is among the entry that I dread putting up simply because I looked awful *sob*

I woke up that morning with eye infection so I have swollen eyes throughout the day! So ugly and I didn't have the mood to make up and dress up on that day either, so tell me, if you were me, will you still put it up for public viewing? T.T

Okay, I would. So here are my small sepet (slit) eyes to give you nightmares wtf.

Hahaha that's a purple Barney pillow.

Funny thing is, most of them liked the kacang putih that my dad bought and they finished everything up! I mean, where got people like kacang putih more than cookies during CNY??? Aren't my friends the cutest? :D

We adjourned to Pui Yi's house next to kill time before dinner!

And this fried crab meat is damn nice!!! First time eating it!

I'm so gonna buy it for my family next year!

Florence and Rachel.

Amoi, Teng and Cheok.

The couple. Hahahaha Teng is going to kill me IF she reads this. Or her bf.

We spent quite some time at Pui Yi's house munching on her cookies (since it's the last day already so help her to sapu everything wtf), playing poker cards and finally, we made a last minute decision to.....

Photobucket throw mandarin oranges into the lake!!!

Honestly speaking, I'VE NEVER TRIED THAT BEFORE!!! I was excited to find out how it's like and all for the sake of experiencing it!

Florence was the most excited one among us. I'm serious.

Got to blur out my hp number because I wrote it too small, therefore you can see all the digits. Don't want anonymous to make prank calls to me :(


To clarify, none of us are desperate okay? We were doing it for the name of 'FUN" so don't get us wrongly :)

Awesome and delicious dinner at Paramount (or you call it as Sea Park?). We were being silly that night and had an embarrassing joke/moment only to known by the few of us that night. Sorry can't share :p

I hope we girls can actually project a feminine and girly image instead of.... you know. Funny max!!!

The dinner was also to celebrate Hui Teng's birthday which falls on the day after Chap Goh Mei. Hence she called to have dinner with us and was willing to come all the way to PJ! Otherwise, to see her face is harder than to strike lottery LOL.

Perhaps the best part of the dinner was to have a group of guys who are around our age for us to cuci mata wtf.

Finally, we drove all the way to Taman Jaya lake to throw oranges *excited*

Many stalls around for you to choose from.


The moment we arrived, I was surprised at how crowded the place was! So packed until it's so difficult for us to walk pass and we have no choice but to have hold each other's hands tightly so we don't lose anyone.


Finally found a place with lesser crowd to breathe fresh air.

Our oranges :D

After this photo above was taken, someone nudge me and I saw a big sized man with huge professional camera hung over him, asking me to pose for him wtf. Thinking he was a blogger, I actually agreed but I didn't want to pose alone so I dragged Teng and Wai Mun along as they rest were camera shy.

He asked us throw the oranges into the lake and he'll take candid shots of us. Thankfully we brought along a bag of extra oranges without names and numbers so we used that to pose for him instead.

After posing for him again and again, he said that he was The Star reporter FOL!!! I didn't know about that and if I knew, I wouldn't want to do that! He then asked us write down our names in FULL but I refused to write my full name so I wrote Jaclyn Wong only hahaha FHL.

Slowly... steady... steady...

Florence then told me that before we threw the oranges into the lake (for the reporter), there was a bunch of guys following us around and the moment we threw, they went to get it =_='''

So I stood there to look at their reaction.


I heard someone yelled, "Damn, no name and phone number one??"

I LMAO!!!!!

Too bad~ :p

As we girls stood there to chat, there's this random dude came up to me and gave me his name card out of a sudden wtf. He said he's of no harm and just wanted to be friends. He then wanted to leave but I asked him why he's not giving my girls his name card as well? So impolite of him, no?

He obliged and gave.


We then moved to another spot and a funny scenario happened to Teng!!! I hope she wouldn't mind if I share it here with you all.

As we stood there looking at girls throwing oranges, this specky nerd came and talked to us. So we casually brushed him off but he kept initiating a conversation and said things like, "Aiya you girls don't have to throw the oranges lah. So many girls around but so few guys with the pole. You might as well give your oranges directly to me."

Please go and jump into the lake can?

Worse, he kept bugging me to give my orange to him FMLLLLL. I refused and said that I decided not to throw my orange anymore as the guys around seem to be very desperate and they are freaking me out. He obviously don't give a damn on what I just said and kept wanting to exchange his name card for my orange. I kept refusing. Teng was caught off guard as she thought he only wanted my orange, he grabbed hers without asking just to prove to me that he only wanted to be friends with us WTF.

I ended up laughing at her for the whole night because of the incident. Teng, that wasn't my fault okay!!! I didn't ask him to take yours! xD

As a result, I make sure that I hold to my orange tightly and decided not to throw it. But as we walked around, I kept having guys asking me to give my orange to them directly and 1 joker even commented, "What's the point of coming here if you don't plan to give out your orange?"

He has his point.

In revenge of telling me off, I said "Fine. I shall throw it into the lake then."

So they waited.

I took a deep breath, charged my full strength and threw it as far as possible! They were unable to grab it HAHAHAHAHA FTL!!!! I left the place laughing at their silliness.

We have many funny stories to tell but I guess it's best for me not to share everything in order to preserve some "secrets" between ourselves.

In conclusion, I would say that:-

1. Guys present on that day were very brave as they'll really come up to you to ask for your orange/name card/number/etc.

2. Guys can be that desperate.

3. Damn many lala guys.

4. Handsome guys were seen holding hands with their gfs wtf you come for what???

5. Girls throw oranges while guys throw banana.

6. There are a few groups of people who grabbed a carton full of oranges - to which we think they are sales people and they are going to make calls to sell their stuff to those girls. Or maybe they are from some match-making agency.

7. The place is damn crowded and go only if you don't mind rubbing shoulders with sweaty people.

8. There are many match-making booths being set up so don't worry if nobody calls you, you can still register yourself that night to secure a date :)

Thanks girls for the wonderful experience :D I think it's amusing to learn about human behaviour and I don't mind going again next year to experience it again! But not going to pose for photographer anymore.

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