Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This is so funny that I got to share with you guys here rather than in Twitter.

I have this manager who comes in once or twice a week so I seldom see him around. Last Monday, he came in and we both sat together in the conference room to do our work. Halfway through, I got up and told him that I'll go get some stationaries so if he needs anything, I'll grab for him as well from a female colleague, V.

Out of a sudden, he stopped me and asked...

Him: Erm... Does V talks to you?

I was stunned for a moment before I replied..

Me: Ya! She does chat with me at times. Why?
Him: O_O I'm... surprised. She doesn't talk to people you know. And you are new so I'm surprised she actually talks to you.
Me: Yeah. Initially she was rather cold towards me and doesn't talk to me but one fine day, out of a sudden, she came to talk to me for quite some time and we both laugh as we chat too.
Him: Wow! Okay. V doesn't talk to anyone in the office. She only talks to people that she thinks is a good person you know.
Me: So, does she talks to you?
Him: ..... Not really....
Me: Hahahaha.... She's actually quite a nice person to chat with!
Him: Ya... She's okay. Just that she only talk to people she thinks they are nice.
Me: Erm... erm... wow. I'm honoured.

The thing I wanted to point out is... I AM a good person what!!! WHY ARE YOU SO SURPRISED?? :p

What surprised me even more was, the manager has been working for more than 10 years in my company and yet V still doesn't talk much to him -_- Isn't that... strange?

To be honest, I've had tough times with V before because she doesn't make things easy for all of us whenever we request for stationaries from her. But as time passes, she began to be nice to me I don't know why. Despite getting sound by her back then, I endured and tried my best to be nice/polite to her so I guess my hard work actually pays off now LOL!

All in all, try to be nice to people because what goes around, comes around :)

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