Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I was planning to write a longer and decent entry about my outing with my friends who just came back from Australia many weeks ago (sorry darlings T_T) but I'm sleepy it's going to rain now so I better postpone that instead.

Not that you guys are not important okay!!! Since I'm home early today at 8.30pm, I really thought of blogging about my recent activities... but... you know... it's going to rain...

So yea.

Oh! You may or may not know about this but there's this pretty good and popular restaurant/cafe below my office called Bayu Timor is owned by my boss as well. And they serve very, very good rojak! *serious*

Of course, there are many other good stuff as well other than the rojak (just in case my managers read my blog wtf).

Since it's festive season and I have to work overtime every night, I bought a packet of rojak 1 fine night and I love the way they packed it for me :)

If I'm not mistaken, the rojak costs RM6.50 but I get staff discount - to which I can't reveal but it's cheap considering the large portion given! :D

Ok I must be a bit honest here. Because the staff knew that I was buying, I have a feeling that they were extra generous with me as I'm close to the staff at Bayu as well.

I'm saying this just in case you all complain that the portion given to you is small compared to mine :p

The sauce is thick and spicy! Yum!

I'm salivating just by looking at this.

Suddenly I have the cravings for rojak omg I shouldn't blog about food at night wtf. I'm planning to bring my family over for dinner 1 fine day for them to try their food. It's pretty good and reasonable and the place is always packed with executives and companies' big shots I don't know why. So if you are looking for potential "other half", feel free to lepak around there LOL.

Wait, shouldn't I be talking/introducing about the food? Got carried away paiseh.

Besides the famous rojak, their nasi tomato and chicken is pretty good so you can try that out as well ;)

Got to sleep now kthxbye.

p/s - I bumped into my Form 3 Kemahiran Hidup teacher some more at Bayu! I think her name is Faridah or something and she still looks exactly the same!!! Don't fancy her back then because she practiced favourism but yea, screw it because I scored well for both ERT and kerja pertukangan and she has nothing to say but to give me good grades.

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