Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Resolutions for 2010

As part of the 'blogging custom', I think I should succumb to the pressure of writing something that 897214618951 other bloggers wrote - my new year resolutions.

2 years ago, I made 10 resolutions and accomplished 6 of it. Last year, I sort of grew up and settled for 3 simple resolutions only. That 3 were:-

1) I want to be happier. That I mean by looking at things more positively and be contented with what is given to me. Second half of 2008 has been very miserable for me so hopefully the one above will be more lenient with me this year.

I think I'm happier last year :) Things became much better and I met nicer and kinder friends and most importantly, my beloved housemates whom I wouldn't substitute them for anything else.

2) Get a job that I'm interested in and learn as much as I could from the company and more importantly, make sure that I perform well.


3) Care and spend more time with the people around me be it family or friends. More and more friends are leaving to further their studies in overseas so hopefully I'm still able to keep in touch with them.

I'm doing better in juggling and dividing my time between family and friends without leaving any party out :)

Honestly, if you ask me now, my one and only resolution for this year is to be happier than the year before.

I'm not kidding.

I realised that as year goes by, I'm harder to please and satisfied, hence I'm angry/disappointed with myself. I have higher expectations and goals to reach now. As a result, I am not as happy as I was years ago. I sound old, don't I? Through out the years, I sacrifised a lot in the name of 'growing up' and sadly, I can't turn back time.

I think I deserved to be happy. At least for now :)

BUT to make this entry more interesting, I shall prolong it by including more resolutions for this year.

1. To be happier than the year before. Nobody can bring me down.

2. Get a job that I'm passionate about.

3. Go on a trip.

4. Go to the beach. I made a promise to myself that I'd visit to the beach at least once a year!

5. Visit to the orphanage or do more charity.

6. Save money. Cut down on shopping wtf I'm not sure I can do this or not.

7. Be more health conscious.

8. Treat every friends the same and no double standard. What's the point of having best friends when 'friendship forever' is not guaranteed?

Okay I'm running out of brain juice to think of more resolutions for this year. I have yet to type my summary for last year but I shall save that for next time instead ;)

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