Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I still don't have the mood to write a long summary of my past year how how how????

I'm getting better at procrastinating *proud*

My weekend has been wonderful because I got souvenirs from Singapore!

A best seller bag (according to the seller apparently, wonder he got lie or not -_-).

Accessories that I love heapsssss especially the necklace :D

I wear the hair clip most of the times too~!

Last Saturday I went yamcha with my usual bunch of high school friends and they were talking about a 'Back to School" theme party where we are going to dress they way we do 5 years ago and then judge who looks the most similar. Winner shall win a prize/cash! Then, a few of them turned to me and said that confirm I'll lose because I've changed so much!

Really?!?!? I didn't really notice that! What IF I win??? xD

Truth be told, not only myself have changed. Almost everyone does!!!! I browsed through my old photos in order to get some inspirations for the so-called Back to School theme and I LMAO when I see my friends' old photos. Including myself of course.


I remember Teng was very embarrased of this hairstyle because she said it was too short and looked like mushroom LOL!

Shen Ling has changed a lot and I have center parting FML.

How come we all looked so dark like coolie????

Okay fair enough I don't quite look like before. I did changed a little. I mean, we need to have improvement right???

This was after Form 5 (which I think I looked slightly better) - while studying in HELP UC.

Yea I don't look like that anymore.

I look like THIS now!

Hahahahaha people think I did operation on my eyes wtf.

Just somehow as I grow older, my eyes got bigger! Don't ask me what the secret is. I have no idea!!!

But I can assure you that everything is real lah. I have no money to go for plastic surgery.

I only use knife to stab people LOL!!!!!

This old photo NEVER fails to make me laugh every.single.time.

Those were the dayssss...

p/s - The only thing I didn't improve on was my weight. I AM FATTER NOW T_____T

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